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Dove Proves that Beauty is a State of Mind - Press Release


New Social Experiment Illustrates the Ongoing Conflict Women Have with Recognizing their Beauty

Mumbai, April 14, 2014: Inside every woman is the power to feel beautiful, confident and radiant, according to a first-of-its-kind social experiment conducted by Dove. Carried out in response to research revealing that an alarming 80% of women feel anxious about the way they look1, the study highlights how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. The results are documented in the short film Dove: Patches on YouTube.com/DoveIndia.

The experiment was guided by psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology) who has spent thirty years conducting scientific research around women’s body image and self-esteem.

During the experiment Dr. Kearney-Cooke invited the participants to wear a custom-made “beauty patch” for two weeks, which - would help them feel more beautiful.  The women were then invited to keep a personal account of their life-changing experience throughout the two week period. All the women agreed that wearing the “beauty patch” helped to improve their self-esteem and to change their personal lives in ways that they had not imagined. 

At the end of the experiment, however, it is revealed that the “beauty patch” contained nothing and that the power of believing in their own beauty influenced feeling beautiful.

"When a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence, which inspires her life in a significant way,” said Dr. Kearney-Cooke.  “These women, like so many others, struggle to recognize their own beauty and it severely affects their daily lives.  This ground-breaking experiment was designed to illustrate that beauty is a state of mind and that the power to feel beautiful comes from within.”  

Beauty is a State of Mind
Throughout the Dove: Patches film, it becomes clear how low self-esteem affects many elements of the women’s lives.  As the women become more confident about the way they look, personal relationships flourish and they develop a more optimistic outlook on their daily routine.  One of the women who participated shared that she felt ashamed of her arms and had always avoided shopping.  A few days into the experiment, she started to feel more beautiful and invited her daughter to go shopping for the first time.   The two of them spent an unforgettable day together and they tried on dresses that she had never dreamed of wearing.  Dove hopes that all of the women’s inspirational stories featured in the Dove: Patches film will serve as powerful examples and encourage all women to develop a stronger relationship with their own beauty.

“We hear from thousands of women every day about how their complicated relationship with beauty affects their overall confidence and happiness,” said George Koshy, General Manager- Skin Cleansing. “By illustrating through the Dove: Patches film that a positive state of mind and openness can help them feel more beautiful, we hope to inspire all women and help change the way they see themselves.” 

Dove invites all women to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.  When women look and feel their best, they feel happier, and Dove believes it is important for women to see the beauty in themselves so that they can inspire the next generation.  The brand has set a goal of reaching 15 million young lives with self-esteem programming by the end of 2015 and has reached over 12 million to date. 

Watch the Dove: Patches film at YouTube.com/DoveIndia and join the conversation at #BeautyIs.

About Dove
Dove, manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Limited, provides a range of products that include beauty bars, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, face washes, hair oils & antiperspirant/deodorant. Since 1993, Indian women have relied on Dove for beautiful skin and beautiful hair from 2007. Dove is one of the fastest growing brands in India. Dove is available nationwide in modern trade, drug and mass outlet stores.

Mission: To invite all women to realize their personal potential for beauty by engaging them with products that deliver superior care.  Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone because looking and feeling your best makes you feel happier.
Explanation of the mission: Dove is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver genuine improvement to the condition of your skin and hair. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.

About Hindustan Unilever Limited
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company touching the lives of two out of three Indians. HUL works to create a better future every day. We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.

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Beat the summer hear with Lakme Salon's Luminence 3+ Facial

Get ready this summer with Lakmé Salon’s Luminence 3+ Facial

Finally here’s a skin ritual that will give you the diva look and make you the star! Lakme Salons new offering, the Luminence 3+ facial, will not only give you radiant skin, but will also reduce fine lines. The Luminence 3+ facial is a special skin treatment which works on three factors: translucencebrightness and radiance to give you glowing, vibrant and younger looking skin. The ritual is executed with the use of the world renowned product, Sothys.  Considered as the signature of excellence in professional skincare, Sothys formulas feature cosmeceuticals, marine & botanical actives.

The facial provides a triple solution to skin concerns as it lightens the complexion, diminishes dullness, targets pigmented zones to reduce spots and blemishes and its de-tanning properties help in getting rid of the tan. This high performance treatment suits all skin types and ages and results in enhanced glow.

90 mins of this nurturing experience rejuvenates your skin and leaves you feeling young and fresh. The process involves cleansing, exfoliating with scrub followed by the application of serum and face mask. The massage included in the ritual helps the products penetrate deep into your skin to ensure maximum impact.

This revolutionary skin care facial is specially created keeping in mind the intrinsic needs of contemporary Indian women. These women are always on the go and exposed to heat and pollution that result in dull and damaged skin.

So if you want to look your best for the celebrations this summer you’ll need to start planning ahead.

Hurry up and get the perfect look in just 90 minutes at your nearest Lakme Salon!

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Lakmé salon is known to innovate continuously adding new salons, services and innovations to its repertoire, along with a dash of fashion week backstage glamour. With an aim to provide the best beauty experience in India, Lakmé Salon, India’s leading expert in beauty services announced a unique initiative to encourage women to vote this election!

This April, show your voting mark at your nearest Lakme Salon and get 50% flat on any haircut! That’s not all, avail exciting discounts on many more services just by showing your voting mark!

So don’t forget to VOTE this election!

Be a responsible citizen and avail its benefits only at Lakme Salon!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm and Lacquer Balm Swatches

Hey everyone ,
These swatches have been waiting for two whole weeks to go online... I have been paying a little more attention to my lifestyle and health,
I have joined gym with my boo just so we could spend a little more time together as our routines are completely messed up due to his odd working hours.. grrr.. anyways i'll keep you all updated with all the changes and hopefully weight loss update (when it happens) may be in a vlog. ;) (if anyone is interested.. lol .. )

Coming back to the post, i swatched all the 16 New Revlon lips balms at the store and it was really difficult to pick one for review, i am still waiting to try it out as i am planning to do a first impression video... imagine resisting to use a brand new lip product that you see everyday on your table(i need to record tomorrow now)...  so here are the swatches incase someone wants to buy these online..

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms

As you can see i swatches the lip balms quite generously all over my arm i had to place left for the Lacquer balms and see somehow i managed. lol

1. Flirtatious
2. Ingenue
3. Enticing
4. Whimsical
5. Tease
6. Vivacious
7. Coy
8. Coquette

Price : Rs. 800

Which ones did you pick or planning to pick ?? 

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SUNSILK announces association with 2 STATES launching exclusive movie merchandize packs

SUNSILK announces association with 2 STATES
launching exclusive movie merchandize packs

The occasion was hosted to announce Sunsilk as the
official hair expert partner of the movie ‘2 States’
with the launch of #Sunsilkdreamjob campaign
& introduction of exclusive movie merchandize packs
Mumbai, March 28, 2014: Sunsilk, India’s premium hair care brand announced a one-of-its kind collaboration as the partner of Nadiadwala & Dharma Production’s produced upcoming Bollywood movie2 States’, an Indian Romantic Drama film based on the 2009 novel of the same name written by Chetan Bhagat.
The film is a story about a journey of one young couple from their college love phase to marriage, starring Arjun Kapoor as ‘Krish Malhotra’, a typical fun loving Punjabi boy and Alia Bhatt as ‘Ananya Subramaniam’, a stunningly smart yet a cultured girl from a Tamil- Brahmin family. It is a humorous take on inter community marriages in India.

The movie is in collaboration with the leading hair-care expert, Sunsilk; a brand that has always stood for a ‘now or never’ attitude. The brand has associated with the character ‘Ananya’ within the film with perfect fit.  Full of optimism and gusto, Ananya believes in facing challenges with a smile. Ready to bag her dream job as a Sunsilk brand manager in the film, she fears nothing. She mirrors a typical Sunsilk girl’s personality- a dynamic and an optimistic girl who wants to chart her own course.
The occasion witnessed the launch of a ‘2 States’– centric Sunsilk Natural Recharge TV commercial introducing the exclusive campaign. In addition, the lead pair of the movie – Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also unveiled the contest and exclusive merchandize in front of the media.

For 20-something single girls, hair is often an emotional rollercoaster. Sunsilk understands this and provides a complete hair care solution that gives a 20 something girl the confidence to express herself. On this occasion the brand launched its new variant Sunsilk Natural Recharge association within the film along with its exclusive movie merchandize packs for an online contest ‘Sunsilk Dream Job’.
Speaking at the event, Srinandan Sundaram, General Manager- Hair care at Hindustan Unilever Ltd, said, “We are very excited to associate with 2 States, the next big blockbuster of the year. This movie is a perfect fit for us since it truly embodies what our brand stands for. It was unique for us as our partnership stands strong right from within the film’s storyline via the main female lead- Ananya. Sunsilk celebrates a 20 something girl’s confidence to express herself.  Therefore to further engage with our consumers, we are also launching an exciting ‘Sunsilk Dream Job’ digital campaign that would run parallel to the movie. The idea is to get four regular aspiring girls a chance to live their dream job. Actress, Stylist or VJ - whatever their dream jobs might be, Sunsilk and Ananya will work together to make it happen. We are confident that this partnership will bring more excitement for our consumers.”

Commenting on the association, Apoorva Mehta, CEO- Dharma Productions said, “Sunsilk & Dharma Productions are two huge brands that receive immense respect for their premium quality products! For a young and fresh film like 2 States, it was important for us to only partner with a brand that would perfectly fit with the young attitude and expression of the lead characters, played by Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. We couldn't have found a better fit than Sunsilk that would reflect best with the confident and attractive personality of Ananya, the lead female character played by Alia.  It also helps that hair plays a big role for us in showcasing her personality transformation from her college days to a professional! So this association is no doubt an apt coming together of two quality brands in a unique way!”

Highlighting this unique collaboration, Amin Lakhani, leader, South Asia, Team Unilever, Mindshare, said, “This movie partnership brings us immense pride both for its uniqueness and detailing. It is our constant endeavour to offer our client unique media opportunities to connect their brands to the passion point of its target consumer. Movies are no doubt the biggest passion in our country and we believe in its power to strengthen & differentiate brand conversations. Our mission is therefore to make movies a priority media platform and intrinsic to the brand’s content strategy. ” 

Mocking on social networks ??

Hi everyone,
i hope you are doing great, i limited my presence on Facebook and Blog to stay away from all the negativity that i was going around... i though i was a better option to stay away for a while and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I am not someone who would poke her nose into others matter but again its hard for me to ignore something that is inhuman and mean. Yesterday while talking to few of my really good friends we ended up discussing about the so called " Groups" on facebook and blogsphere, who are taking direct digs on others based on their physical appearance. This is something really absurd to do at this age.

We are not teenagers anymore, saying something hurtful and demeaning to deliberately hurt someone is not cool, i am not trying to sound all saint like nor am trying to portray that i am the best. I do make mistakes but i would never pass comments on someone's appearance. If you cannot make someone happy atleast don't ruin someone's day.

I came here to write about some makeup products i got recently and also to update you all about my life but somehow this post got diverted to another direction. I had all this in my mind for quite sometime now and i wanted to let it all out.

A person is not beautiful because he/she has a beautiful face but a person feels and looks beautiful if they have a beautiful heart. I know all these things would not matter to those who love mocking others they might come across this post, laugh it off and might find to new target.

I have nothing against anyone, we all are different and have different values and principles. We all have received negativity at some point of time in your lives, we all know that feeling so why would anyone want others to feel the same way.

But, anyways i am also glad that there are a lot more humble and kind people around, it all depends on you what kind of people you choose to have around.. its easy to identify who is fake and who is genuine. Too much of sweetness can also be a warning sign.

This post is not intended to preach or insult anyone, just something i wanted to let out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Favorites 2014 (Video)

❤Products mentioned❤

★ Wella professionals Brillance Shampoo and Comditioner for colored hair
★ The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Shower Gel and Body Butter
★ Dove Essential nourishment Body lotion (for normal to dry skin and normal skin)
★ The Body Shop- Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter for dry hair
★ Kaya Pigmentation reducing complex
★ Lancome Dreamtone Creator 1

 ★ Lakme Absolute Face stylist foundation - Ivory Fair
 ★ Lakme Absolute Face Stylist concealer - Fair
 ★ Oriflame Studio Artist Loose powder
 ★ Faces Canada Long wear eye liner in Solid Brown
 ★ Maybeline The falsies Volume express mascara (non waterproof)
 ★ Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush - Peachy Sweety and fresh coral
 ★ MAC retro matte Riri Woo - Rihanna's collection
 ★ Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist - pink pout
 ★ Maybelline Lip Polish / Elixir - Glam 2
 ★ Faces Canada Nail enamel - Emerald Dazzle


Till next time <3 p="">

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