Sunday, June 27, 2010

Romatic pink and plum look !!

A perfect look for your most awaited Date, a soft smokey plum and pink looks. looks great for light eyed girls. pink makes your eyes pop and and plum adds a bit of smokiness.


  1. what a nice, fresh look. the bit of black on the outer ends really contours the eyes. plus the tear duct/liner tip is something that i do myself. you've summed up a lot in this video!

  2. also, can you tell me about this white maybelline pencil? what is it exactly? i haven't seen it before and wanted something similar. ended up getting those glide type pencils from maybelline. worked like crap! :(

  3. Rima i seriously won't recommend you this white eyeliner pencil... its SHIT !! Non-Creamy have to heat it a bit before using !! m looking for a good white eye pencil ...
    thnx for commenting !!

  4. Hey first visit to your blog and I am surely going to be a regular one here!!

    You are really amazing with eye-makeup!!

    Loved the look!!


  5. Looking forward to more VDOs!

  6. Your eyes are sooo expressive, and you're make up tutorial is giving me such an impulse to try it out! :)

  7. Great eyes and great look Deeptima :)

  8. awe you have such pretty eyes!
    New follower here! Hope you can check my blog out and return the favour!

  9. Your Eyes looks great. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips on blogs. Cosmetics Products helps to look beautiful.


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