Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fake M.A.C available in Markets ~ Beware~

This post was lying in my drafts for quite some time, it was supposed to be published a week back, but how can i not be lazy..hehehe.. i recently purchased some random stuff from different brands (Next post). No high end products though, but pretty decent. After i purchase all these stuff i had so much to share with u all but now m totally blank o_O... aahh !! why it keeps happening to me??

O.. o.. o.. o.. o... u know what??  i came accross fake MAC products m happy i dint buy them.. this is soo irritating these selfish shop-keepers deliberately sell fake products just to maximize their profits !! This is so cheap and unethical. How can they sell something that may harm someone's skin and health... Sigh !!


The difference is clear from the image on the packet. I googled this product and i found nothing like this, the actual product has an image of full hello kitty on it NOT just the face... There were many pictures but nothing was similar to this bottle !!

The next day while surfing channels i came across a Breaking news that "Fake cosmetics items seized in Jaipur"  there were so many brands including olay, colorbar, lakme, revlon, VOV, can't remember more... I am pretty  sure not to buy stuff from untrusted shops and will check the products before buying.

This Story is same for foreign countries and brands, recently i won a contest organized by BitchSlap Cosmetics on Youtube and just after the contest there was some controversy about the products specially regarding the pigments that they are not safe pigments they were some face paints dried and powdered... WTF !!! M happy i din't receive my prize yet !! 


Always take a closer look at the products before buying, read the cover, check spelling don't buy if u feel the prices are odd(very low) , i even spotted some shops selling M.A.C lippies just for 300 bucks and Lipglasses for Rs.350.00  that's so cheap !

We all love to bargain but don't ignore your skin. Wisely shop for cosmetics and beauty products.

Love ya. See u soon !!

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  1. i've seen fake mac too. pathetic. thankfully we can spot the difference between real and face but what about those who don't? what about those who don't know about mac and end up buying these fake products under the guise of good quality, imported makeup. again, pathetic.
    now i know whom to contact for oriflame. :) where do you stay in delhi?

  2. hey Rima, i totally agree with you... these products are really harmful... i came to know that olay which comes for 99 is usually replaced with fake olay which costs Rs 20 only... shop-keepers earn around Rs.80 as profit !! huh !!

    contact me on my email id here i can't reveal where i live .. :P

  3. I seen fake MAC too....infact my friend bought a MAC kohl pencil for arnd 200 bucks and was very happily showing it to me..I imme told her this is fake!!!

    The shopkeeper had told her that they directly import stuff etc thts y its cheaper...wht rubbish!!


  4. the Shopkeeper told me the same...i called up Rati, even she was excited that wow just Rs.280 for a makeup remover by MAC... but i din't buy it, came home googled it and the result is here... grrrr...
    that shopkeeper is in deep SHIT !! m complaining against him...

  5. I saw so many of them in Kerala during my recent trip..Eye pencils especially. Girls over there just believe the shopkeeper and buy them..Sad no?

  6. hello deeptima good to see ur blog dear ... me too hate this stuff , hey i have also posted something like this on my blog but didnt had pictures ... i appreciate the youth for so much wise thinking and letting others know


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