Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oriflame Lipstics ~ Pink Shades ~

Hey Dolls, yesterday i went to my friends house and she is an Oriflame Consultant, her house is always full of Cosmetics !! WOW !! (can live there forever..lolzz)... i had to stock some stuff as she  was going out of the town.
She had a Mini Sale of oriflame products due to the same reason that she would be away for a week or so, she showed me some lovely lovely pink Shades of Oriflame lippies and thought of sharing it with you all.... i just purchased one lippie for my self (will show in next post with all the stuff i purchsed) as i dnt wear it often !!

                                           {oriflame lippies in Avon bag...hahahaha}
From this bag i loved 5 shades and i din't notice at first that they all were from Pink family !! lolzz.. I love Pink and Nude colours !! :) So, here are the 5 Pretty Pinkies !!

They look lovely right  ??? i didn't Swatch them as they all were for Sale :) ... From Left to right here goes their name...
  • Pink Dream

  • Chromatic Pink 
  • Pink Passion

  • Tender Orchid
  • Sheer Rose

If want any Details Mail me at NEXT POST i'l share some kool makeup stuff i purchased yesterday !! YEYY !!! M so excited !!! till then Love ya all !!! cya !!