Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vega Brush Review !!

After waiting for a long time i finally got a call that my Vega brushes have arrived. I ordered 2 Vega Brushes, one angular blender brush and 2nd fan brush, i was after these brushes from a long time and now i have finally got my hands on it !!! (content from the back side of the packaging ) Vega is the first company to introduce premium quality make-up brushes in India, Vega make-up are used by successful make-up artist, models and even celebs. Vega brushes comes in different qualities and different prices. The pricing is very affordable and you wouldn't even have to compromise with the quality. So far all the brushes that i have used are soft and of good quality hair, they are not harsh on skin. I AM A HUGE LOVER OF MAKE-UP BRUSHES !! i haven't washed these two brushes till now so i cant comment whether the quality remains the same !! So here are the two brushes !! => Angular Blender Brush : When First time i saw this brush i felt that this brush is little bigger as to what i have seen on Youtube. The Angular brush that i have seen being used by Youtubers to line their eyes is small than this brush. So, as i turned the packet to read the description i found out that this brush is used to fill in eyebrows !! O_o here's the brush this costed me Rs 50/- . As per the packaging this brush is used with eyebrow pencil to fill in the spaces that are created with uneven growth. The slanted shape of the brush has been designed to the eyebrow shape. I felt the brush is of good Quality and super soft !! LIKE IT !! I tried lining my eyes with this brush and it worked pretty well despite it was my first trial using a angular brush !! JUST WANTED TO ASK !! Is the angular blending brush different from the one used for lining ??? Ok, moving on to the seconds cutey !! => Fan brush : I was fascinated with this brush when first time i saw this !! This brush is super soft and cute. So, far worth evey penny, this brush is 10 bucks more than angular brush. I purchased it in Rs 60/- A Closer Look !! This brush can be used for dusting off the excess powder from the eyes (fallout) and the crease of the nose and eyes. It can also be used as a highlighter. I would suggested you to buy this if your are a beginner and still learning make-up. You get quality without paying much !! ______________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this company and am not getting payed for this review.Products shown in the pictures are purchased by my own money for personal use, and these are my own opinion.