Monday, August 30, 2010

WINNER.... technically... lolzz :) :)

Hiya !!!

Firstly i want to thank each and everyone out their who took out time to check and comment on my MAC color ready look, thank you so much !! you guys have no idea how happy i was after reading all those lovely comments, u all made my day. The result was to be announced on 28th Aug and as always i was eagerly waiting for it. 

I logged in my FB account and the result was out, sadly the dint win :( ... but u know its ok, there had to be one winner only and i was completely fine with it. I even gave my regards to the winner because she did a fabulous job.

I have participated in many makeup contests and i know its not possible to win them all. There are people who are more deserving and talented than me. Am a person who accepts success and failure whole heartedly.Now some of you might be thinking, why so much "Drama"???

So, lemme come to the point. After the results, i checked my Mail and saw a message from Sarah (facesBySarah).. and i saw her real face... :P (Jk)

here is the screen shot of message.. (click to enlarge)

You can see our previous conversations also... that truly states i was in touch with her through out.This is really unethical.My cousin lives in Singapore so i entered the contest as it was open only in Singapore. WHAT DO YOU THINK ??? WAS I WRONG IN THAT ??

I mailed her my contest entry and in reply she just wrote thank you and she asked for the details, to which i polity replied that i will send you the details" after the results are announced", you guys tell me, without knowing the results why should i leak my details, i mean my cousins details. IS THIS MY FAULT ???

Usually when someone wins a contest he/she is first notified and then details are exchanged, and if the winner doesn't respond within the time limit, a new winner is picked.

But Here, i was not at all notified and i just received this mail that " TECHNICALLY YOU WON......" "RULES ARE RULES......" but no where in the rules it was stated that details were to be provided before results... and i know its her contest and her rules... i do respect her rules.

I have no Grudges against her, neither am angry or upset, its just that i felt cheated when i saw her mail. She is a good MUA but this action of her was really rude. Even a friend of mine had a sour experienced with her. I don't think i'll be entering her future contests as she make and breaks her own rules. There are so many makeup gurus on youtube who are very humble and down to earth.

Anyways, no bad feeling for anyone,it hardly matters. My Bf said, " Dont wry, all the lovely comments and appreciation you received on you blog is you prize".. hehehe i totally agree with him. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE !!! :)

 Lastly i guote by Shakespeare - " A rose will always smell like a rose even if it is not called a rose"

(Sumit wanted me to write this....  seriously m not praising myself.. trust me!!  )

I really wanted to share this feeling with all of you.. Feeling a lot better...

Tilll next time Take care !!!

Te Amo.