Thursday, September 16, 2010

Earthstore- The Natural Body Care Products~ Review


Few months back i came across this brand at DLF promenade, Vasant Kunj in New U store and the cute packaging tempted me to pick the products and go through the ingredients. To try out i picked up there Beewax Lip Balm (review later) which claims to moisturize lips, its paraffin free made with pure Beeswax and the goodness of honey and it keeps your lips soft and fragrant !

I genuinely liked the product and its packaging, so i hopped on to their site ( and i left a comment about my experience, soon they contacted me and as i was very much interested in knowing more about their products as they were oraganic and natural Shivendra on behalf of earthy Goods sent me a small goody bag with sample !! Yeyy !! but, due to a chain of events which kept me occupied i was unable to use the products and do review.... Sigh !! Still, it was  very kind of him that he patiently waited for my review. They have a large variety and range to choose from, from Spa oils, Creams, Scrubs, Loofah,Candles,Handcrafted Soaps, Body Butter, Lip Balms to Natural and Organic Food like Exotic Seasoning, Organic Cereals and grains, Organic Spices, Mountain Honey, Organic Jaggery, Herbal Teas and Candied Fruits.

This review is not influenced by company/PR its my honest opinion and am in no way affiliated with the company  and am not being paid for the review. I was just provided the samples for free that too for personal use. 

 These are the products i received in my goody bag, it had a sample  Face wash(Mountain Rose), Body wash, 2 sample size soaps and one full size soap along with their catalogue.

So, lets begin with the
Mountain Rose Face Wash.

As the name says, its a rosy face wash, it gives the feeling that u just sprayed rose water on your face. My Skin felt fresh. 
  • Its smells like rose petals
  • It doesn't dries my skin
  • i felt my skin deep cleaned
  • only a little quantity is need 
  • You will not get very rich lather but it cleans your skin well
Only one thing i dint like about this is that the scent is really strong, so i usually use it at night before going to bed. :P

My Experience(:p): After i used the fash wash for the first time (i think i used more than required), i went in my mum dad's room and i was just talking to my  mum... suddenly dad and my brother came in sniffing... Dad was totally glueless about the rosy floral smell... hehehe... that's when i realised its strong scent, other then that its a nice product.

Mint Rosemary Body Wash 

All their products justify their name, i loved this body wash, it has this minty fresh energizing feel to it. It has a cooling effect i guess because of the minty thing in it. The product i got is just a sample size so nothing much is mentioned on it. So, lemme summarize,

  • it has a cooling effect
  • Soft smells of mint, (which i love about it)
  •  Little quantity is need
  • Didn't dry out my skin
Can't think of anything else...hmm...

21 Herb Soap (full size 100 gm for 75 INR)

Earth Store soaps are made by blending natural oils, herbs and flower extract. Each soap is handcrafted by women and cured naturally for weeks in fresh,open farm air.
 coconut oil, palm oil, 21 selected herb powder, essential oils - sandalwood, ylang ylang, patchouli, rose.

MY OPINION : The essence, smell and healing/medicinal properties of the soap stays intact for long as the soap is wrapped in a plastic sheet which prevents its natural properties from escaping, this soap is very moisturizing due to the presence of coconut and palm oil. It doesn't smell like regular soaps, am not trying to say it smells bad but as it is a natural handmade and organic soap it smells little medicated (similar to Medimix), you can see in the picture it has some small black dots it can be the herbs.
  • Its sort of a medicated soap(i felt so..) 
  • It cleans well
  • I found it good to remove makeup as due to the coconut and palm oil is not harsh on skin
  • Its the only soap i can use on face (a Big NO NO to soaps for Face) 
  • It's smell goes off soon after bath (good thing) but makes you feel fresh and clean.

I also got 2 sample soaps one Jasmine Lavender and other is Mountain Rose (yes similar to face wash)

As you can notice the Plastic cover is still on, i cannot comment on these soaps but the seem promising. Will use them later or i'll ask any of my friends to try it as its obvious i cannot use 3 soaps at the same time :P and it would be difficult for me to store the soaps if the plastic thing is removed.

I liked Earth Store products, and i really would be trying out their other products. The products are economically , no high prices. Its always good and safe to go Natural when their are so much harmful and fake stuff in the market.

Has anyone tried these/any Earth Store products before ??


  1. hey deeptima, nice review. have not used 'em yet but i have heard good things abt it and I have checked out their website before. they have an apricot scrub which is supposed to be good

  2. hey never heard of it, i am gonna check the website right now... u tempted me towards it...good job

  3. @ Indianmakeupways : ya even i have heard about the scrubs and boby butters... will buy them soon... thnx for stopping by !!

    @Rentu: they are really good... :) to start with try their lip balms i love it !!

  4. i was also gifted their lip balm by a frnd of mine.. it is really good. nice post ^_^

    well i also have started a blog. please stop by and have a look. :) thanx...

  5. I visited their site & checked about their availabilty in different cities, but they didn't get back to him! Sad!

  6. I have used their lip balms and face scrub. Loved teh face scrub. :) I think they have expanded their range now.

    mountain rose face wash sounds interesting. :)

  7. I just love that mountain rose face wash and also the soaps with body buter.I feel great after using these all.there is nothing better than these natural range of products.I am going to make it my daily routine now.thanx.

    beauty body care"

  8. could any1 pls give me their website add. where i can purchase their products.. please email me ;


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