Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Gothic Smokey Look (with Video tutorial)!!

Hey everyone,
Sorry for lack of posts, i was down with fever, cold, body ache and what not... huh !! leave it... sigh !!! but, now am ab-so-fantastically fine... :P..... today i found one of my lost memory card and it had the pictures of the Gothic smokey look i did for a friend. If u have visited my Youtube channel before you might have seen the video for the look, as i recently started blogging i thought of putting the video here also for all those how follow me here.... my features and eyebrows are very Indian so getting the gothic/Emo look was not that easy... i tried to show "How to" do the gothic/emo/scene look.
personally i cant carry off such bold, intense eye makeup but Looove Smokey look and can wear it everyday... :P
here's the look

Here the Video

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till then Take Care, Te amo !!! <3