Saturday, October 2, 2010

It Caught me Again !! sigh !!

It was hardly 10 to 15 days i recovered from Viral and cold i got these stooopid rashes/ allergy on one side of my face and as soon as i got rid of it i again got Viral and this time it is really worse than before.... last night i had 102.9 F fever my eyes all red and watery i had small red rashes/ allergy all over my body, my family got really scared and rushed me to the hospital. Thank God it was not Dengue!! huh !! my fever broke down but still feeling weak.... anyways this post is not to gather sympathy, i just wanted you all to know that i may not be able to update my blog for few days. Am feeling so irritated because i was eagerly waiting for my exam to get over so that i could do lotsa looks , i had so many ideas in mind but after the exam i came home with this irritating fever.. grrr... 

I really want thank everyone out there for the love and support you gave me in these three months of blogging !!

I will be Missing you all !! I mean it !! :(