Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Handmade Rings.. ^_^

I am a huge fan of DIY stuff and love all forms of art and creativity, before realizing my love for makeup i was in love with something else... making beaded and wire jewelry that too out of used wire and  broken parts of old jewelry... :P then i started making stitched beaded ring and antique earing .... but soon everything stopped as all my material got over and i was not able to find required stuff near by...
I am planning to start everything again when i saw my rings sad and dull... they need new so i thought of share pictures of my rings which i made in around Nov 2008... :P

This was my 1st ring .....

 Sorry my hands look creepy.... super duper dry and old... :(

the big pink bead on top was actually a part of my old broken bracelet....:P 

Then i made this orange flower ring... this flower was a part of a small jewelry box but it came out so i  made a ring out of it... hehehe...
Some Random rings....

This one is my fav !! love it !! it has a real pink swarovski crystal...  
just a normal see through bead and seed beads

this one is completely out of crap... the purple flat bead was stuck on a card...i am lame 

but i like this design...

i like this one also.... Cluster beaded ring !!

Cluster beaded ring 

This ring was actually  a challenge... my BF gave me this yellowish stone and told me to make a ring out of it !! huh !! see i did it !!! hahaha

Simple Plan Stitch bead ring.. reminds me of  a snake... hisssssss !! lolzz 

That's it!!! i hope u like it !!!
till next time, love ya cya !!!