Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Experience with Coloressence !!

Hey there,
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and shared love and gifts with your loved ones, hope your day was not dull like me, I dint go out anywhere, dint attend any functions no celebrations !! My Best friend is out of Town so we celebrated before he left.. hehe... did shopping, Visited our favorite places enjoyed our favorite cuisines.. yeyy !! :P
We love this festive month and for the first time we are not together at this time of year.. sigh !! I really Miss the Fun !!

So, now lemme pour in my anger through words. As I mentioned on my Facebook that I was really upset and angry by seeing how unprofessional some cosmetics brands are... grrr... I am talking about Coloressence. Yes, the same brand whose ad's you'll see in newspaper and magazines... Initially I thought I might be at fault but the chain of incidents made me sooo angry that I thought I should talk about it with you all !!
I have no intensions of spoiling the company’s name nor am I criticizing their products, as I have not tried any of their stuff am just sharing my experience.

So, after seeing a lot of their ad's in newspapers and magazines I inquired about their products in nearby shops but at that time no one had their products so I called on the number mentioned in the ad, that number was the distributor's number, he asked me to call a lady who manages all the marketing and sales issues, she asked me a few questions, like I want the products for personal use for reselling or do I own a parlour or something.. hehe... so I told her I want it for personal use and I mentioned about my blog so again she asked me to call someone else, I dont wanna take names, this person asked me about my blog and work and I told him the link where he can see my blog for reference. Dunno if I should tell this or not, as I dont want to reveal his identity but its necessary. This person is the MUA of the company so he showed a lot of interest in my work and he appreciated my work.
He had a little unprofessional approach, I really dont like people who keep things pending, for me its either yes or no. I want things to work out fast . I know its bad to be impatient but u need to commit something on professional basis. He called me one day after discussing with VP of the company regarding featuring their products on my blog, and he showed his keen interest in my blog, I was super exited, but the thing that irritated me was that he never told me clearly what products he wants to be featured and how and when I’ll receive them. So , this person saw on my youtube and blog that I have won a few international contests in the past so instead of talking about the subject he at times asked me how to make videos and blog and he wanted to do what I do. You understood what I mean ?
I was absolutely fine with everything, I thought hes a friendly person and even am quite friendly so I din't mind anything... he is pretty talkative so at times we used to talk about non-related topics...

He told me things about his profession, about his seminars, makeover sessions etc. He asked for my address to send stuff and obviously after inquiring everything i gave him my address, he said i'l show you my own full makeup kit from which you can select any product that u want to review and i'l give you a fresh piece. I was fine with it !!

So, one morning when I was sleeping my Mum came in my room and she was really angry, she said “ Koi _______ naam ka ladka aaya hai, hez saying I want to give this kit to Deeptima” (not taking his name)

I immediately got up told my Mum yes I know him, and my Mum was scolding me like anything... how can anyone come without informing... she was right, its totally unethical to visit a girl's house without informing, anyways I went to the door and he was standing there with his huge Kit ! He said I called u but you dint answer that's why I rang the bell, EXCUSE ME !! I was like you called me when you were standing outside my House ??? I dint say anything that time, He gave the kit to me and said i'l come again to collect. I was all sleepy so I just smiled and nodded my head...
THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE I should have checked the kit before bringing it inside.
I was super excited to see a makeup kit. I opened it and within seconds all my happiness got smashed...
That kit was a MESS !! I mean it !! it was a BIG MESS.. if you love makeup how can you not take care for it, how can u keep it so Dirty !! The base of lowest compartment which had HD loose power jars was all covered with power and everything including all the palettes, liner, eye crayon , everything means everything was cover with broken eyeshadow's power …. I Dint even feel like swatching it … Trust me I dint even touch it !!

Concealer palettes and lip palettes were all badly used, I told myself, NO WAY m touching them.... We all have eyeshadows, liner, lippies etc but we keep cleaning them despite we have to use them on us only. I felt so bad for all those Ladies who got their makeup done from those palettes !! Feeling so sad for them !!

I got so angry that I mailed him and his PR manger about the issue and I strongly stressed on the thing that he came to my home without informing in advance, and secondly if I provide my address that's only for courier purpose. You should respect my privacy and no one is allowed to visit my house without informing. Although he dint come inside, and he was no threat to my privacy, you all can understand my concern.

I got no mail or call and I thought I might have gone too rough in my mail. I had no intention of hurting him I just wanted my points to be cleared so that no one else visits my house like that in future.
Am not trying to portray a bad image of him I just telling u my point.

I waited for his call and mail and I got super angry as his Kit was still with me, seeing the kit used to double up my anger. Huh !! I don’t feel at peace if matters are left unsorted so I messaged him and asked him to collect his kit asap. Finally we talked about this matter on phone and he said he was very hurt seeing my msg. I told him I had no intensions of hurting him and explained him everything. I thought he understood that and I told him so be straight forward in telling if he want the products to he reviewed or not. He replied oh yes yes... we'll get FREE publicity !! I was like WHAT ??
anyways same thing happened when he came to collect the Kit he called me and said am standing outside your house.
Couldn’t he call me on his way ?? It about manners and etiquettes that you are calling a girl and saying AM STANDING OUTSIDE !!

That was the time I understood that this thing will not get sorted and I cannot work with people who take others for granted.

While interacting with him I had this thing in mind that am talking to a company not an individual . He was representing his company, and I was ready to help him in establishing his own personal blog where he can also share his work. I was being nice because we had makeup and art in common . I believe all creative and artistic people are usually good at heart.

He might be good as a person but I am just talking about the professional things!!

Oh ya, I forgot to mention when I told him that am not even touching the products he said, I gave the products to you so that you can see the range, colours and variety !! to which I replied that sending such products is like an insult, and then came the best excuse “ you can try that on your maid” WHAT ?? MAID ?? You are saying i'l use my brushes on my MAID !! That was it !!
After few day I made my mind and messaged him that I cannot wait for the products and I wont be able to review.
Again till date I got no reply form him side. Expected .

Just some pics of the products, Before clicking the pics I blew some loose powder and colours from the palette !!
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  • NO Commitment, as everything was kept pending
  • NO professionalism
  • NO follow up
  • Delivering Unhygienic and Non- Useable products
  • Taking People for Granted

So that's it !! I tried my best to cut short the whole story, without missing out on anything. Apologies for this long post.

Thanks for taking out time to read this post !
What would you have done, if you were at my place ?? Was I wrong ?? Did I over react ??

So ladies, am feeling a lot better now after sharing my anger and frustration with you all !! :P
See you soon in my next post !! bbye !! :) <3