Monday, December 20, 2010

Silly Billy and Nilly

Its was 16th December, the sun was shining bright and it was a pleasant and cozy day, i was about to meet Rati, Rima and Mrunmayee for the first time... we planned to meet before also but somehow i couldn't make it, so this time i wanted nothing to go wrong, nothing could stop me !! hehehehe... so as i entered DLF Promenade and  peeped into MAC store and saw Rati standing next Mrunmayee and as i entered the MAC store there was a loud "HIIIII " echoing in the store... lolz... i think we scared the MUA who was assisting Mrunmayee.. lolzz

Rati and Mrunmayee have such a friendly and warm personality that can comfort anyone. Rati and i talk a lot on phone (m not saying like everyday) so i was super excited to meet her... my sister and brother was amazed to know that i met Rati for the first time... they thought i might have already met her as i talk a lot about her... i was talking and meeting Mrunmayee for the first time.. shes a sweet heart.
Rati was treating me like a baby... lolzz... and ya she called me a "Firangi" .. :( me Firangi ??? NO NO... am very much Indian.

Then came the Beauty, Rima.I just love her SMILE !! she soo cute.. till the time i was there she had the same cute smile on her face.. lolz... sadly i had to leave early because 'someone' was waiting for me for lunch....
Oh lemme not forget to mention how lovely the mall was looking with glittery snow flakes hanging from the roof and beautiful display of reindeer, snow, sleigh, castle, small polar bear.... it was just amazing !!

I clicked some pictures for you guys !! Enjoy

Without letting anyone notice i clicked a picture of Rati enjoying Cinnabon and Mrunmayee lost in thoughts.... Am really sorry Rati Di and Mrum for posting this picture but what to do i just cant stop myself... so here is the best pic ever.....huahahahaha

sorry Rima, Rati and

After my Lunch i came back to the mall because i wanted my BFF to see all the lovely decoration. It was an
amazing day for me.... Had good time with Rima , Rati and Mrun in the afternoon and enjoyed some quality time with my bestest best  friend in the evening.

Memories of that day brought smile to my face again !!
Hope to see you guys soon !! Luv ya !!