Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mattify cosmetics ~ Review and Swatches

Around a month back i received a package from Mattify cosmetic containing 4 of their eyeshadows along with the sample of their Original translucent face powder, Sample of Bronzer and Sample of their body shimmer.
For the past 1 week i have been trying out these products and i seriously love the whole experience. All the products are pigment and the best thing is that they do not crease, i even used the eyeshadows without base and trust me they dint crease...
Mattify eyeshadows are multi-functional eyeshadows, you can simply play around with it to reflect you style, these eyeshdows can be used for :
  • Sheer, light coloring 
  • Opaque coloring
  • smokey eyes
  • wet line 
  • nail polish
  • lip gloss
For people with oily skin, who are looking for products that can absorb excess oil from their face and who wish their make stays on for longer Mattify Cosmetics has a special translucent face powder dedicated to people with oily skin.

Click here to read more about their Mattify Ultra Face powder for oily skin , Mattify Original powder for Oily/combo skin and Matiffy face powder for Sensitive skin.

So, lets start with with eyeshadows, i got 4 of them,
  • Twilight
  • Irish eye
  • Lucky Penny
  • Iced Apricot 
 Twilight is a black eyeshdow with blue glitters, decently pigmented, it can be used for a sheer coverage as well as opaque coloring for dramctic smokey look.  It turns matte black when used as wet liner.

Irish Eye is a lovely green shade, i love using it as a wet liner it makes my eye colour pop, like all eyeshadows its nicely pigmented.

Lucky Penny is kind of a rusted copper shade, can be used alone on lids or on the outer corner blend in the crease.

Iced Apricot  is a beautiful peachy pink shade , great shade for neutral look, just sweep some on the lids and it will brighten up your face making you look fresh and awake. :)


Pros (eyeshadow ):
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • doesn't crease (even without primer)
  • stays on longer
  • doesn't melt
  • multi- functional 
  • wet liner can smudge if touched 
  • (still trying the products) 
Pros (face powder)
  • excellent primer 
  • Sets foundation 
  • can keep makeup intact for upto 6 hours 
  • doesn't block pores
  • not recommended for people with extra dry skin 

So, this is it for the review don't forget to visit Mattify Cosmetics Tutorial coming up next !!

have a great day !


  1. wow love the pigmentation of the eyeshadows :)beautiful

  2. the pigmentation seems to be great

  3. @ IBC : thnk you !! check the site!!

    @Cali : so good to see ur comment... :)

    @Rentu : the are really nice... :)


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