Friday, April 29, 2011

Contest Time !!! Win Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki

Hi friends this a fun contest, the best smokey look will win Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki, everyone can enter this contest.

Contest ends on 28th May 2011 !

To enter :

All you have to do is create a Smokey look (it has to be your own pic) WITHOUT using black eyeshadow and send to me along with your Youtube name or GFC name at and post that picture on my Facebook fan page CLICK HERE

* Must be my YT subscriber as well as Subscribe to Sigma Shopping (IF u have a YT account)
* 'Like' my facebook fan Page as well as Sigma's official fan page
*Must be my blog followers

Have Fun Guys, hope to see your entries soon !!

for any queries feel free to contact me

Good Luck !!


  1. Deeptima- a pictorial representation will do or I have to make a video????
    btw- grt contest :) totally justified!!!

  2. there is no need for video.. just send a pic to me and post the same on my FB Fan page.. :)
    hope to see ur entry !

  3. Wow!!!! yayyyy!! me def entering!! :D but how many entries per person? can we submit as many as we can or only one? and also does it have to be wearable look or any kind will do? hehehe..lots of questions..sowwyy... :P :D

  4. Siri u can send as many looks as u want.. it needs to be a smokey look without using black eyeshadow, can be dramatic or wearable.
    Hope to see ur entry

  5. great!! okie...thanQQQ... :-)) :*


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