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Lakme Sun Expert - Product Info, prices, and pictures

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i know am very late in posting this, actually i thought of not posting it because i usually don't advertise companies in this way, because i felt that would be unfair for companies who contact me for my honest reviews after using there products.
But the PR was really sweet and there were some of my friends on Facebook, Specially Devika, :P who really wanted to see the products on my blog, and i dont like to disappoint any company .. :P 

Thank you Devika and everyone else for being patient. So, lets get started

New Lakme Fairness Sunscreen Range!
With goodness of Cucumber and Lemongrass
Just stepping out till the neighborhood café?  Only going to be out in the sun till you enter your car? Enjoying drinking your morning tea by the window? Ever think about how even two minutes in the sun can damage your skin? Spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and tanning can all start with just two minutes in the sun.
UV Radiation from the sun is the chief cause of Sunburn, and other severe skin concerns like melanoma, melasma and photoaging. UVB rays cause sun burn, which can be tackled by use of sunscreen (SPF content). UVA rays on the other hand are more damaging biologically. It can cause not just tanning, but wrinkling & leathering (photo aging), pigmentation and premature skin aging. To prevent this, you need a product with a good PA content.
Keeping both these concerns in mind, Lakmé offers a break-through innovation in sun care that is dermatologist-approved. The new Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen range offers broad spectrum sunscreen that gives you 97% protection from harmful effects of the sun. The sunscreens range from SPF 20 to SPF 50 and PA+, PA++ and PA+++ includes specific sunscreens for dry, oily and normal skin. Lakmé has also introduced Sun Expert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 24 PA ++.
The new Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun range offers a Skin Lightening Gel, Skin Lightening Mask, and Skin Lightening Face wash.

Dr.Wadhwani, Cosmetologist says “Exposure to the sun plays a pivotal role in causing age spots, sun-spots, wrinkles, changes in skin texture and skin cancers due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. UVA and UVB rays are harmful rays, both cause severe sun damage. While UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a great role in premature ageing, it is also responsible for causing skin cancers. Therefore in addition to protecting your skin from the effects of UVB rays which pre-dominantly cause sun tan and sun burns it is highly recommended to look for a sunscreen which offers UVA protection as well.”  
Dr Wadhwani goes on to share her views about new Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen range, “The Lakmé Sun Expert is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB Rays that give upto 97% protection from sun damage. It also contains protective vitamins and rich anti oxidants such as cucumber and lemongrass, to heal and repair sun damage. Both cucumber and lemongrass act as cooling agents to the skin- and heal the inflammation post sun damage and provide a calming effect to the skin.”

What new about the Lakmé Sun Expert range
  •  Broad Spectrum Protection
- Lakmé Fairness Sunscreens are broad spectrum sunscreens, which means it ahs SPF and PA+++

* SPF fights against UVB rays that cause sunburn
* PA+++ blocks out UVA rays that cause tanning, premature aging, sun spots and pigmentation

  •  Makes skin Lighter

- Its protects you from harmful effects of the sun and also makes the skin lighter with regular use 
  • Heels your skin

- The protective vitamins and anti-oxidants in cucumber and lemon grass help to heal and repair past sun damage
  • Complete Range 
                        - Offers a complete range from SPF 24, 30, 50 and PA+, PA++ and PA+++ 
  • Dermatologically Recommended
  • Hypoallergic
  • Non comedogenic
Lakmé Sun expert Sunscreen range

Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen 24 PA++ (For Normal Skin)

Daily sunscreen formulation with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as cucumber, lemon grass extracts and Vitamin B3 to protect your skin and correct past sun damage, dark spots and pigmentation
  • Broad spectrum UV protection
  • SPF 24 protects the skin from UVB rays
  • PA++ protects the skin from the major contributor to skin damage, UVA rays
20 gms- Rs.49/-
        55 ml- Rs. 95/-
 100 ml- Rs.170/-

Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen 30 PA+ (For Oily Skin)

A lightweight, non- oily sunscreen with mineral clay for superior oil control. Vitamin rich ingredients such as cucumber and lemon grass extracts protect the skin and correct past skin blemishes. It keeps your skin looking fresh and oil-free and regular usage can make your skin many shades lighter.
  • Broad spectrum UV protection
  • SPF 30 protects the skin from UVB rays
  • PA+ shields the skin from the harmful UVA rays
Price :

20 gms- Rs.69/-

55 ml- Rs. 175/-

100 ml- Rs.250/-

    Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen 30 PA+ (For Normal to Dry Skin)

Complete skin defense against harmful UV rays
A sunscreen that will keep skin hydrated. It Nourishes skin, leaving it even-complexioned and glowing. The  lemon grass and cucumber extracts that moisturize and lighten the skin
  • SPF 30, blocks up to 90% of the harmful UVB rays
  • PA++ blocks out harmful UVA rays that cause melanoma, darkening of the melanin in the skin and other skin problems

55 ml- Rs. 195/-

100 ml- Rs.275/-
Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen 50 PA+++ (For Expert Skin)

A high performance sunscreen that gives complete UV protection, no matter how strong the rays are. Cucumber and lemon grass extracts moisturize the skin and make it glow even more
  • SPF 50 gives 97% skin protection from UVB rays
  • PA +++ keeps skin completely safe from harmful UVA rays
              30 ml: Rs. 350/-
             50 ml- Rs.250/-

Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 24 PA ++

Enriched with antioxidant rich ingredients such as aloe vera and orange flower extracts that corrects past sun damage and dark spots and helps reveal fairer and more even skin tone.
  • Broad spectrum UV protection for your body
  • SPF 24 protects the skin from UVB which cause sunburns
  • PA++ protects the skin from harmful UVA rays that cause dark spots, premature aging and tanning
20o ml- Rs.225/-
5o gm- Rs.145/-
           5o gm- Rs.145/- 

Lakmé Sun Expert After Sun

Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun Skin Lightening Gel
A light, cooling, moisturizing gel that fights harsh damage and provides total hydration, leaving skin radiant at all times. It lightens sun tan, uneven skin tone and corrects blemished skin.
5o gm- Rs.145/-

Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun Skin Lightening Mask
Easy rinse-off mask that soothes tanned skin and brightens it. The natural clay fights sun darkening and lighten skin with regular usage. It’s infused with cucumber and lemon grass extracts that detoxify and soothe the skin, leaving it soft, clean and tingling fresh.
5o gm- Rs.150/-

Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun Skin Lightening Face wash

Specially formulated with UV filters and anti-tan skin soothing ingredients. It cleanses and soothes sun exposed skin and deep cleanses each pore. It also protects and soothes skin from common forms of skin irritation post sun exposure, leaving it soft, tingling fresh and clean.
5o gm- Rs.75/-
                   100 gm; Rs.135/-

NOTE: Info provided  by PR, i have not used any products personally so cant comment on it !


  1. These do look good and they are decently priced too.

  2. ya... even i was thinking tht.. u planning to buy ny ? hv u tried any ??

  3. Great collection..I am looking forward for the gel and mask!! :) :)

  4. I have tried Lakme after sun face wash. It is very good and effective. It relieves stress. Value for money!


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