Sunday, September 11, 2011

New wearable Lashes from + Tutorial

I have to say that i am in love with these new pair for lashes that i got from , these lashes were added on the site at the end of the last month along with many more new design and patterns.
So, these are the lashes am talking about - ES A109 
 ES A109

 ES A109

These lashes are  ES A109 (click to go to the website) ,
So, is online wholesale , retail shop, that provides cosmetics, makeup accessories, wigs, nail art items , few clothing items etc , you can visit the website by clicking HERE.

so, the lashes that i want to talk about today are these beautiful noticeable yet wearable lashes, the best thing about these lashes is the combination of different length of long and short hair on it and thin and flexible base which takes the shape of your eye with ease.

What i LOVE in these babies

  • Different lengths of hair, which add volume and lenght
  • Very fine hair, which gives a more natural and wearable look (Definitely noticeable ) 
  • The shorter hair merges beautifully with natural lashes 
  • The base is just like a thread that takes the shape of your eye and makes it easy to wear 
  • Very light and doesn't glare like other false lashes
I don't HATE anything about these lashes as such, but they are very delicate you need to be very careful while taking them out from the box and while removing them from your lids , if you plan to reuse them :P
i reuse my lashes atleast 3 times, but reusing is completely a personal choice, it depends how you store and clean your lashes !! ^_^

So, here are few (many) pics of me wearing these lashes

This is it !! Hope you liked the lashes and the look :P

Tutorial for the green look Click HERE
Tutorial for the soft Violet Smokey look is HERE

See you soon in my Next post !! :)

Note: product sent by PR but my opinion is honest.