Monday, October 31, 2011

Pond’s dual eye therapie cream Review

Guest Post by Shruti

Hello everyone …
Hope you all had great time during Diwali … I am ready with another post …Hope you all will like it.
The other day I went to buy my Pond’s age miracle and there was a scheme going on...Buy two at a price of 499/- and you save 295/-.

You people already read the review of pond’s age miracle but I am posting my review on Pond’s dual eye therapie cream ….

If you will buy this cream separately then it will cost you: - 495 /-
First time I have seen two colors of cream like strawberry and vanilla ice cream in one jar…

Pink eye cream is known as UPPER EYE COLLAGEN CREAM which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles….It should be applied on the lids.
The white eye cream is known as UNDER EYE BRIGHTENING CREAM … which helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes …

I noticed that pink one is absorbed by lids very well and will give you smooth effect whereas white one is creamier so it is bit greasy…I do massage with the creams for 1-2 mins. After applying cream I noticed that my eyes start itching and watery (may be because of chemicals present in the cream). Just apply it and go to bed …..
I am applying this cream from last 10 days but I didn’t notice any difference.
Will I repurchase it ? NO….I am not fond of any eye cream. This I got it in scheme so I bought it otherwise I will not buy the product ….Not worth buying

Thanks for reading the review ….till then take care…

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