Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oriflame kajal Vs Lotus kajal

guest post by Shruti :)

Hello Friends,
Hope you all liked my first post about Oriflame pure skin/scrub face wash. I am highly obliged to Deeptima who gave me a chance to write for her blog.

Oriflame kajal Vs Lotus kajal.

I love to do eye makeup so after reading so many reviews I bought Oriflame kajal and Lotus kajal too…
Price :Oriflame kajal : 279/- for 2.5gms ( 174/- on discount )
Lotus kajal : 115/- for 4gms ( no discount )

I found that Lotus kajal smudges after 2-3 hrs and I look like a DAYAAN  whereas oriflame one stays for 5-6 hrs … ( I am loving it )
Packaging : My vote goes to oriflamekajal for their packaging…
Lotus kajal is natural and safe whereas oriflame one is not herbal and natural …
Lotus one contains almond oil and camphor but in oriflame kajal ingredients are not mentioned ….
Lotus kajal has oil sheen in it whereas oriflame kajal has matte effect,doesn't have oil finish….

After applying little bit of water I observed that lotus kajal removes easily whereas oriflame one is waterproof and will be removed only by makeup remover….

All in all if you see both the kajals are having advantage and disadvantages too…..
  • Lotus is cheaper than Oriflame one ……less money but more quantity.
  • Oriflame one will give matte finish …..Won’t smudge easily.
Hope this article will help you all……….;-)