Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oriflame PURE SKIN/SCRUB face wash Review

It's always overwhelming to read mails from people who admire and appreciate my work , i can never stick to one thing, i get bored very easily and my interests keep changing , it all because of the positive vibes , warmth , love and support that people send in ,that i really enjoy vlogging.
I really wanna thank Shruti Wahi for her sweet gesture of writing a Blog post for my blog and being a part of it , i really appreciate her love. <3 

Guest Post by Shruti Wahi 

Hello Friends,
Being a part of this blog I felt like giving a review on the product which I bought recently from Oriflame. As I have an oily skin I keep searching the products which are good for oily skin. My search reached at a product PURE SKIN/SCRUB face wash by Oriflame.

PURE SKIN/SCRUB face wash claims that it is a deep acting cleansing gel with exfoliating microbeads to purify pores and protect against appearance of blemishes and blackheads.
In the face wash you will find blue colourmicrobeads which are very mild for the skin (esp. for acne prone skin) Take a pea size amount in your palm and add little water..Do scrubbing for 1-2 min. Then wash it off while washing rich lather will be formed.
I use this product when I reach home after spending the whole day in dirt and pollution. It removes the thin layer of dirt instantly from your face. Can be used on daily basis.
Fragrance of the product is little bit on stronger side.

Ingredients: Ingredients are little bit confusing so here is the pick below.

Price and quantity :Rs 348 for 150 ml. (I bought it on discount for 270/-)

Pros :
• What I liked about this product is you can easily carry it along with you.
• Wastage of product wont be there because of pump dispenser.
• Mild granules will remove dead layer of skin from your face instantly.
• Highly recommended for acne prone skin.

• Price is very high ( will recommend you to buy during scheme going on )
• Can be bought only through oriflame consultants.
• As the product claims that it purify pores and protect against appearance of blemishes and blackheads, I have not seen any improvement in my blackheads. They are still there.:)

Will I buy the product again : Yes if it will be on discount.

Hope this review will be helpful for you all...