Friday, January 27, 2012

Mini Chicken Kababs Recipe for Kids and You

Guest Post by :
Shruti Wahi

Hi All,
Ready with a new post after such a long time….was so busy with the baby and family. As my baby is so small that I keep trying new recipes with him …this time I tried something new …..Learnt from a TV serial. I really liked the recipe so I decided to share with you all …..
Yummy Mini Chicken Kababs

2 chicken breast (cut into big square cubes)
1 green bell pepper (cut into big square cubes)
1 tomato (cut into big square cubes)
1 onion (cut into big square cubes)
For marination :
4-5 tbsp. olive oil
1tbsp oregano (easily available with pizza shops ...extra you can store for future use)
1tsp chilli flakes
Salt ( taste)
¼ tsp. Black pepper powder
1 ½ tbsp. lime juice
1 tbsp. ginger / garlic paste
• Mix all the ingredients of marination mentioned above very nicely.
• Then add chicken , tomato , bell pepper and onion in it.
• Marinate chicken pieces, onion, tomato and bell pepper in the above mixture for 1-2 hrs.

• Take a toothpick and skew chicken piece into it then capsicum, then tomato and onion …….
• Like this keep making small small portion of tikkas.

• Take a non-stick pan …add oil into it.
• Once oil is heated nicely… add all the tikas pieces into it …..Keep cooking on low flame till they are nicely cooked from all the sides.
• Serve hot with onion rings and pudina chutney….
 Enjoy the recipe…….