Saturday, March 3, 2012

A day in my life ~ Dilli Haat (picture heavy)

Delhi is getting hotter and hotter, am scared this time we'll have longer summers, i really can't stand hot weather, so few days back when the weather was still enjoyable we went to Dilli Haat which used to be our favorite place  during college days.
Every time i visit this place i think of clicking picture to share with you all but i get so engrossed looking at all the beautiful and bright coloured handicrafts that i don't even remember to take my cam out of my bag , hehehe

This time i captured some beauty of this place , hope you all enjoy watching it :)

I picked a similar letter/ magazine holder from a Kashmiri stall ( to keep my frequently used palettes)  , who have been in this business for ages, we spent more than an hour chit chatting with the owner, i just adored his passion and enthusiasm for this work and art , its little weird for us to talk for that long to someone unknown but we three kinda clicked.. i still feel little weird.
anyways after we picked few items from his shop he insisted to draw a Kashmiri Bird on Almond tree on my hand, it would have sounded rude if i said no.. :P so here the kashmiri bird :P

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures !!

See you all soooonnn !!