Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello Everyone,
am really excited to share some makeup goodies that i got from a friend from overseas, she's also an Indian and within a very short span of time we built a very special sisterly bond , its really great how we meet strangers over the net and develop a liking for each other as if we have known each other for like ages.

The first thing i got was a 28 colour eyeshadow palette which sadly came broken, which at first i thought i won't tell Simran di (who sent me the gifts) as i was overwhelmed by her love but she got that from her hard earned money so i told her about it and she contacted the ebay seller, i dont know much about the conversation they had but within few days i got another same palette in perfect condition. YEPPY !!!
But now i have two same palettes (lets see who gets lucky to get the other one :p)

I also got three lovely cupcake lip glosses, they are the cutest thing in my vanity , Yummy !!
So here are the pictures and few swatches....

Thank you so much Simran Di !

Hugs and Kisses <3