Friday, May 11, 2012

(UPDATED) Anushka Sharma-Canon Powershot- What Makes us Click- Makeup tutorial

Am sure by now all of you might have seen Canon Powershot Ad. ft. Anushka Sharma, don't you love her makeup ?? Perrrr..fect.. for Summer or if you are planning to go to beach.. soft tangerine lips , wavy hair, radiant and glowing skin and just kohl liner.
Whenever i am excited to record any video nature play its role, i arranged my tripod , arranged my makeup stuff, pulled aside the curtains, Lights ! Camera !! andddd... Cloudy... :( but still i recorded this video as i know i won't be getting time later. I hope the quality comes out fine.
Here is what i came up with

Some inspiration pictures (if you too plan to do this look you don't have to go thru the pain to click screenshots :P )

And this is my version, it was soo humid and hot yesterday , i din't pose much (now i wish i had) and just clicked few pictures which dint turned out great, anyways you can see my makeup in the video.


Products Used


NYX eyeshadow base - Skin tone
NYX jumbo pencil - Yogurt
CS hot pot - Salom peach
CS hot pot - Raw silk
CS hot pot - creamy latte
CS hot pot - buttermilk nude
Avon professional kohl liner
Revlon grow luscious mascara and Oriflame freaking amazing mascara
Black eyeshaow from NYX champagne and Caviar palette


Revlon colorstay foundation - Buff + Ivory
Lakme perfect Radiance compact
NYX cream Blush - Golden


NYX lip liner pencil - Natural
Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti


Divo 2 way foundation brush
Tapered blending - Sigma
Large Fluf - Sigma
Oriflame angled brush
Angled top Kabuki - F84 Sigma
Buy Sigma Brushes :

Have a wonderful day !!!