Sunday, June 24, 2012

FOTD - A day in my life ( Hello Kitty and Frozen Yogurt)

Last Friday was  fun filled and tiring , my bf asked me out for lunch and we headed out to Ambience mall (Vasant Kunj ) its like our go to place (its roughly 3-4 kms from our place :P)
The food court there is amazing, after having food we headed to landmark, it'll lil embarrassing but i spent one whole hour at the toys section while we was busy picking up some movie (in his terms picking up classics like Crimson Tide and Con-air :P)Trust me his movies collection is bigger than my makeup collection. He just can't get enough of them.

The more i am taking care of my skin and avoiding foundation the faster my skin seems to improve.
Here is the face of the day with no foundation just some little eyeshadow base and mascara .

 My eyes do look tired :( but anyways.. After our late lunch we went to fun city, we love playing games and we can play basket ball for hours (the one where you just need to score baskets :P) , played air hockey and some video game.

 After all the fun and good time we decided to end our day on a sweet note and went to Red Mango and made a good big tub of frozen yogurt with some colorful toppings :P
You can also see my cute hello kitty with he gifted me that very same day.

That's my gummy bear :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post !!

See you soon