Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hugs to my 350 followers and why i am MIA.....

Am soo happy to have reached 350 followers on this blog, i know its not that big number but for a irregular blogger like me it means a lot :P
Am so so thankful to everyone who reads or comments on my posts, you guys have been so supportive through out, here as well as on Youtube.
My blog is lacking posts, and i have few good reasons to tell you why..

My dad took leave from work and was at home all day.. do i need to explain further  ?? hehe
My cousins and chacha, chachi (uncle and aunt) and my elder cousin with this wife were here too, total 12 people in one house.. it was a mess... but fun too :)

After they left i got my room and bed back... ahhh... its the best felling :P but all this made me soo tired..

Arrgghh...  i know am the most boring narrator ... sorry if you got bored hearing my crap ..

Long story short.. i am planning a blog makeover and will be back posting soon. This time i'll post reviews and picture tutorials here which won't be on my Youtube.

oh did i tell you i broke my Camera too :(... waiting to buy a new one.

Hoping to be back sooon...


  1. we love your blog n videos :) looking forward to the new look

  2. Congratulations for reaching 350! Its not a small achievement, its a milestone in your journey! Keep walking! Or should I say, keep blogging!!!


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