Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 Easy Rangoli designs for Diwali

 Happy Dhanteras everyone !!

OMG !! i cant believe Diwali is almost here , this year would be ending soon , dunno if its just me or you also felt that this year went by really fast.
Diwali is my favorite festival, every year we celebrate Diwali at my grandparent's place with my entire family with all my cousins. Its is huge celebration, its special because it brings the whole family together and i get a chance to get dolled up and do anything i like (no one pays much attention as everyone gets busy with their stuff)

Me and my cousin sister make rangolis at the entrance, in the temple of your home , at the poja place while our brothers decorate the house. We keep them on their toes to rush to the market to get colours and flower at the last moment. :P
This time i am gonna miss all the fun we used to do , but on the other hand i am soo happy that this year i would be celebrating this Diwali with my bf and his family, my second Diwali with them.
Mom dad are busy packing their stuff, deciding gifts , their attire and ahh.... am just soo relaxed .. hehehe.. no packing for me !!!

But as every year me and my cousin decided to select few rangoli design that we would be making at our respective places and i thought why not share it on my blog to give you guys a little idea on how you can decorate your home.

Rangoli are decorative designs made on the floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals. They are meant to be sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.[1] The ancient symbols have been passed on through the ages, from each generation to the next, thus keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. The patterns are typically created with materials, including colored rice, dry flour,(colored) sand or even flower petals.

The purpose of Rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck   (info source)

Aren't these beautiful ?
If you are not all artistic you can even make a " swastika " or " OM ".. if everything fails ...
GET A STENCIL !!! lol.

Picture Courtesy : Google images
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