Thursday, April 11, 2013

FACES Ultime Pro Shine On Eyeliner Moonlit - Swatches and Review

Company Claims :
Extraordinary color to make you shine! Gives a long lasting and intense shiny finish. Comes with a felt tip for precise application. Exquisitely lush and quick drying. Totally water and smudge proof.

Price : Rs. 699

Product Pictures and Eye Swatches

Moonlit is a gorgeous (as you can see) shimmery blue liner, its has very very fine shimmer which makes it easy to carry off even at daytime. The first time i swatched it on my hand i got really scared... it did not come off even after washing it with water... seriously trust me on that. I was little scared of applying it on my eyes.
But , with 100 % honesty i can now say that i seriously LOVE this liner. You must be thinking that above i said i was scared to apply it on my eyes and now i am saying i love it... ok , lemme get into details.

This liner is :
 WATERPROOF : You can wash your face , stand in the rain or even the summer sweat cannot budge you liner.
SMUDGE PROOF : I am a carefree person when it comes to makeup, i don't care about touch-ups or checking my makeup from time to time unless its an important occasion, even at times i forget that i have makeup on and i rub eyes and end up looking like a Panda. But , this liner does not smudge.

LONG LASTING : This liner lasted on me for like 5-6 hours , it could have stayed longer had i not removed it.

PIGMENTED : I hate those liner which leave gaps in between or go watery. This liner is thick and gives even lines. You might have to go twice over the liner just to ensure everything is even :)

SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE EYES : My eyes are sensitive and i had no problem with this liner.

EASY TO USE : The felt-tip applicator makes is really easy to use even a beginner can get results like a pro wit little practice.

Removing this liner is super easy, just take olive oil / makeup remover / cetaphil cleanser anything that you use on a cotton pad / cotton swab and just gently move it on the liner... and WOLLA.. its gone.

I have nothing bad to say about the liner because it fulfills all my requirements(except one) of a perfect liner and there are no false claims by the company. I just felt the entire Ultime Pro collection is a bit on the pricey side.

BUD Rating : 4.5 / 5 ( -0.5 for the price they offer for the quantity)

Hope this was useful , until next time.