Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shoe Organizing ideas - My new Shoe Rack

Hi Everyone ,
i am so excited to show you all my new shoe rack which i got from ebay. Actually i was searching for something else but found this amazing deal on and i also had a Rs100 off coupon.
I place the order yesterday evening and i was so amazed to know that the seller shipped my order by night and guess what, i got the shoe rack today. That is super fast !! Fastest i have seen.
So am just showing you some picture of the rack and also i'll leave the link to the seller in-case you are interested.
Price : Rs 439 only
Click Here to know the seller.

(Sorry for the low quality pics)

my brother helping me out.
and TADAAa...

So, this is just a rough arrangement, once the rack was set up i realized that i cannot keep boots , ankle length shoes in this rack, my wedges just fit in the rack (height wise) and also i cannot keep expensive and less frequently worn shoes on the rack simply because its open and my shoes would be exposed to dust and dirt.
 So, i decided to keep only my frequently worn footwear in this rack so that i can see and reach them easily.
On the botton shelf i kept my running/jogging shoes , on top of it my most worn comfy wedges, then bellies and then flats and then some heels.

I also deiced to keep my fav pair in boxes and they fit perfectly in the rack. It solved my purpose now i have more space in my old rack and 2-3 shelf in this new one also(you can store upto 30 shoes on this rack)

See, i don't have a lot of shoes.. Time to SHOP !! hehehe ...

Oh.. i forgot to mention i also got a FREE gift with my purchase, a 3 pc knife set.. I love cooking, cutting and   chopping ..  Am super HAPPY !!

Hope you find it helpful.