Monday, July 22, 2013

New Banner and Update....

Hi everyone,
finally am back after so many days, i had no internet and many pending posts.. i have never been so stressed and frustrated in my life for my blog and YouTube. Whenever i try to be regular something or the other has to go wrong..

Anyways ,  to start everything on a new and happy note i decided to change my banner (would be changing the layout too ) , out of all the idea i came up with i narrowed down to this current banner but am not very pleased with it, i like it but i feel i can do better.

Here are the other options:

The 4th option was rainbow colored text i guess i accidentally deleted it.

I really wanna know what you guys think... 
On the other hand i have a really exciting and fun opportunity for my viewers. Will share it on Tuesday !!
Love and Hugs to everyone !