Friday, August 9, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 8 Bollywood Celebrity inspired look.

Sadly , the thing i was scared of the most happened today , i failed to post before midnight, i was not being lazy neither did i forgot to post. I was not well the whole day.. stomach ache , head ache and very irritable mood swings.. i really don't know whats wrong with me :(

But i did recorded a video tonight, and you can see my eyes are so tired and i have very noticeable dark circles. Anyways this look is inspired by a Bollywood celebrity and i was so excited to try this look out , but i learnt my lesson that day light is best to record a video... still i would be posting the video tomorrow :P

Here is the look..

Any guesses ??

Sorry for the poor picture quality... still hoping you like it !