Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mocking on social networks ??

Hi everyone,
i hope you are doing great, i limited my presence on Facebook and Blog to stay away from all the negativity that i was going around... i though i was a better option to stay away for a while and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I am not someone who would poke her nose into others matter but again its hard for me to ignore something that is inhuman and mean. Yesterday while talking to few of my really good friends we ended up discussing about the so called " Groups" on facebook and blogsphere, who are taking direct digs on others based on their physical appearance. This is something really absurd to do at this age.

We are not teenagers anymore, saying something hurtful and demeaning to deliberately hurt someone is not cool, i am not trying to sound all saint like nor am trying to portray that i am the best. I do make mistakes but i would never pass comments on someone's appearance. If you cannot make someone happy atleast don't ruin someone's day.

I came here to write about some makeup products i got recently and also to update you all about my life but somehow this post got diverted to another direction. I had all this in my mind for quite sometime now and i wanted to let it all out.

A person is not beautiful because he/she has a beautiful face but a person feels and looks beautiful if they have a beautiful heart. I know all these things would not matter to those who love mocking others they might come across this post, laugh it off and might find to new target.

I have nothing against anyone, we all are different and have different values and principles. We all have received negativity at some point of time in your lives, we all know that feeling so why would anyone want others to feel the same way.

But, anyways i am also glad that there are a lot more humble and kind people around, it all depends on you what kind of people you choose to have around.. its easy to identify who is fake and who is genuine. Too much of sweetness can also be a warning sign.

This post is not intended to preach or insult anyone, just something i wanted to let out.