Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get rid of unwanted underarm hair | My Laser hair removal Experience at Kaya Clinic New Delhi

Its feels so great to be blogging again, i was away relishing some family time and what can i say about my internet.. i have been complaining about it in so many previous posts. I have started to post regularly on my YouTube channel, do stop by for some makeup tutorials.

I am really excited to share my experience with you guys on Kaya's laser hair removal, at first i was very skeptical and little scared regarding how safe laser treatments are, i gave myself couple of days to research and makeup my mind to go for it.

My Experience 

Kaya offered me 3 complimentary session for underarm hair removal, i had my first session on 29th January 2014. After changing into the gown provided by them Kaya's skin specialist briefed me about the treatment, answered few question i had in my mind and even examined my underarms to have an idea about the thickness, texture and growth pattern of my hair.

I would highly suggest you to not shave your underarm by yourself, let them do it for you. I made a mistake and shaved off my hair just before the treatment for some stupid reasons.

For my first time i was quite scared as i had no idea of what to expect but they did a painfree treatment . My underarms were cleaned again with a new disposable razor and then my therapist applied a cooling gel on my underarms after that the session started. She wore gloves and we both had UV protective glasses on. At first when she started the process i din't feel anything she was rotating the device on the area to be treated and she kept asking about my comfort, after a while it started feeling little warm just like hot wax but i asked her to stop when it felt it was getting a little too hot to handle. During the session i could smell some faint weird odor which probably was my hair burning.

I saw a great result just after my first session. My hair growth got delayed and the new hair after the treatment were softer and shorter.Depending on your hair thickness and texture they will recommend you when to get your next session, but a minimum of 15 days gap is recommended.

As my first session went pretty well i went in for my second session on 22nd April 2014  and this time i din't repeat my same mistake of shaving. Again Kaya's doctor (am sorry i forgot her name) examined my hair and this time i was pretty confident and relaxed but this time they went for NP-yag. I was imagining it would be like my first session but it was just after the session began i realised i was wrong. During this session it was slightly painful, nothing you cannot bare but i was not prepared.

It felt like someone was pricking a needle and it was quick, i cannot say it was painful but yes little uncomfortable and i did asked her to stop from time to time.
It took just 10-15 minutes for both my underarms and after the laser treatment the therapist applied some ice to sooth the skin.

I have still not booked my third and final session as i would be monitoring my hair growth and would only go when needed.

I would highly recommend laser hair removal to those who have really thick and coarse hair, Laser treatment is completely safe and it will work slowly by reducing your hair growth and hair thickness.
My skin on my underarms feels baby soft and there are no hair undergrowth, the area looks visibly white as the laser treatment targets on the hair roots.

If you have any questions regarding the same i would love to answer them in my video which i would be making soon and i'll cover everything in detail.

So, leave your queries below and i hope this post was useful.