Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Party / night out look

Hi All, this is my latest look... it's fun party look great for night time. lovely green blended with bronze eyeshadow with light golden highlight !! looks great on everyone regardless of their eye color or eye here is the tutorial !!


  1. you look like karisma kapoor in her younger days. honestly!

  2. Oh God Rima....when i was younger ppl used to tease me by karishma's name... nothing offensive she is beautiful i do like her... but u kn i used to cry ....hehehehe... nd even on my Youtube Channel a lady Commented the same !! lolzz

  3. You look so pretty Deeptima...n I agree with what Rima has said above ;)

    Hey can you do a proper video on eye makeup so we can see you way of eyeliner apllication, blending etc??


  4. Thank u soo much HD ...m so glad to see you here...
    i'l try and make a live tutorial soon !!!

  5. i m loving this look.i m surely gonna try this look.its so simple and quick - ritu

  6. Do lemme kn how it turned out !! thnx for commenting Ritu!!


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