Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Sale ~ Oriflame~ Sneak Peek

The Most Exciting sale begins today . Oriflame has all on OFFER. Over 700 offers and you can save upto 50%, isn't it great ?? 

You might be thinking m a consultant that's why am blabbing around, but the thing is other way round, the products are so amazing that i decided to be a consultant :)..

this post is for all those who have asked me about the oriflame mono eyeshadow and other products. This month oriflame is having great discounts on each and every products, i have a long list of must buys now...hehehe...  a quick sneak peek of the new smokey collection and mono eyeshadows on which u can save upto 35 %... wow !!!

here are the pictures: 

Smokey Collection:(from the catalogue )

                                               (Click on the image to enlarge)

Mono Eyeshadow essential: 

Available Shades:

somehow i managed to get 3 shades as this eyeshadow has a high demand and goes out of stock even without sale... huh !! this time i'll complete my collection... here are the three shades that i have:

  1. Espresso
  2. Star Plum
  3. Sugar Crystal


For any information or order, no matter where you live, contact me at


  1. Deeptima @ you would be able to place orders from midnight on 1st August 2010:)

  2. oh yaa... i was totally confused !!! thnx !!

  3. eyeshadows looks really nice dear... i must buy these will find a way to ... thanks for posting

  4. is the catalogue available online? or cud u mail a soft copy?

  5. @anks : contact me on ... i may courier u the catalogue....

  6. Actually the catalogue is available online...

    you'll see the link for the catalogue at the bottom of the browser..

    I was introduced to oriflame a few months back and ever since, i've spent a minimum of 2000 rs every month. I do regret some of the buys.. but the majority of the stuff is pretty good. especially the skincare products. Not too keen on the cosmetics (examples being the eyeliner stylo and the giordani gold gel eyeliner). But the offers on the august catalogue were really good. And i've already placed my order from the september catalogue...

  7. hey deepthima... very informational. the shade 'star plum' looks so much like the shade 'vintage rose' from the brochure... can you pls confirm which one it is... i need to place an order this month :)

  8. Hi Urmi, star plum is different from vintage rose... star plum is not very pigmented. vintage rose is more like a earthy skin tone types more like a light brown ....


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