Thursday, July 15, 2010

Konad-Licious HUGE AUSSIE Giveaway!

I have never seen such a huge giveaway !! OH GOD !! this is amazing !! i came to know about this giveaway on my dear friend Fathima's  blog !! i myself love collecting nail polishes, but this giveaway has half the quantity of my own collection.. just wondering how huge her collection would be.. !!

here are the pictures of what you can get !!

This giveaway includes Aussie polish: Ulta3 English Rose, a red with gold shimmer,  Ulta3 Envy, silver metallic foil,  BYS Raspberry Chocolate,  JayJays Magnetic silver glitter, Mode Hook me up, bright blue creme,  Mode Diamonte, multi holo glitter,  Miki Black creme,  BYS Astro Gold,  Simpli 13, green duochrome,  Be Yourself Razzle Dazzle,  A selection of Aussie chocolates,  L.A Colors 4 pack of Intense Brites Collection,  1 Bundle Monster nail stamping plate,  1 Chez-Delaney nail stamping plate,  1 Fauxnad nail stamping plate,  1 boxed Gold KOnad stamping polish,  1 cool Zebra striped iphone case,  and last but not least, 2 of my handmade glass beads that I make in the shape of cupcakes! And a pair of my handmade glass bead earrings in sterling siver with Swarovski crystals.

enter the contest !! May be you can win all this !! good luck !!

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