Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oriflame Lipstics ~ Pink Shades ~

Hey Dolls, yesterday i went to my friends house and she is an Oriflame Consultant, her house is always full of Cosmetics !! WOW !! (can live there forever..lolzz)... i had to stock some stuff as she  was going out of the town.
She had a Mini Sale of oriflame products due to the same reason that she would be away for a week or so, she showed me some lovely lovely pink Shades of Oriflame lippies and thought of sharing it with you all.... i just purchased one lippie for my self (will show in next post with all the stuff i purchsed) as i dnt wear it often !!

                                           {oriflame lippies in Avon bag...hahahaha}
From this bag i loved 5 shades and i din't notice at first that they all were from Pink family !! lolzz.. I love Pink and Nude colours !! :) So, here are the 5 Pretty Pinkies !!

They look lovely right  ??? i didn't Swatch them as they all were for Sale :) ... From Left to right here goes their name...
  • Pink Dream

  • Chromatic Pink 
  • Pink Passion

  • Tender Orchid
  • Sheer Rose

If want any Details Mail me at NEXT POST i'l share some kool makeup stuff i purchased yesterday !! YEYY !!! M so excited !!! till then Love ya all !!! cya !!


  1. I want! I want!I <3 PINK!

  2. I love what you chose
    and I use mostly pink on my lips :D

  3. the shape of the lipstick bullet is so cool! similar to the new lotus lipsticks, right? the colours are beautifully shimmery!

  4. Thnks everyone for commenting !! but pictures have messed up ..eeee... please help !!!

  5. ike Pink Passion. :)

    Lovely shades. :)

  6. hey.. whats the price range of these lippies?

  7. Lippies look so intense Deeps..I want the red passion:)

  8. @WanderLust .. actual cost is 269 but in sale i got in 150 !! hehehe...but the gold one is for, i guess 449, in sale it is for around 300... Giordani gold range is of sexy quality with SPF 15 !!!

  9. If anyone wants to buy contact me on

  10. That's a huge collection in the Avon Bag! Do u use all of them or after some days u just discard them?

  11. Uzma these are(were, all sold out)for sale... my collection is pretty decent... i dnt buy things which i kn i may not use. Once Products get old, we HAVE to throw them and it doesn't biodegrade easily !

  12. For me its Giordanni Pink passion anyday :)

  13. @Pooja Giordani's quality is great (but i find it expensive..:P)

  14. Hi
    For starters...u r very very beautifulllll!
    And can i love ur videos on eyeshadows very much.....
    Check my blog out!!!

  15. love to have these many different shades even my friend is an oriflame concultent


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