Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Makeup Stuff !!

Recently i purchased few makeup stuff which i needed badly for a video on youtube. Somethings are from Avon some Oriflame and few just random brands.... Ahhh m not a good writer lolzz... so, lets hop on to the products... hehehe

Lets looks at them one by one.. First product that m loving right now is Avon's professional kohl liner pencils, very creamy and they do not smudge... i brought them in 2 shades Plum and Black.... i usually don't wear kajal as i feel that it doesn't complement my light eyes.. :( so i generally go in for Plum liner.. they have smudger on the other end.

here are the swatches...

NEXT is Avon Lip Liner in Pink Bouquet:

This is really pretty pink colour, at times i just fill my lips with this and add GLOSS !!

Then i got Oriflame's eyelash curler: the cutest thing about this is that its handle is in plum/purplish colour...

A pair of False lashes : the reason i picked these was that they are pretty dramatic, good for youtube tutorials...hahahaha 0(^_^)0

Lakme Nail polish Remover : Actually i was looking for a good nail polish remover without Acetone, but failed to find any.. :( so i thought of trying this one and m pretty happy with it !!

I kept the best products for the end ^_^ ok, i was looking for Matte black eyeshadow and i came across a new brand 'Incolor' have never heard of it but the lady at the shop was very confident about this product, she told me tht it is really favorite amongst air-hostesses (????) anyways i decided to try it. To my surprise it didn't disappoint me.. :) it was for Rs.110 and has lovely shades... the packaging is really cute... love love it body... really cute...the best part it has a mirror on its open it have to slide it sidewards..

It is a semi matte shade, but on lids it looks matte... Few of its available Shades.

This Last product is dedicated to Neha.... hehehehe... its a lippie from Avon and this will remain my favorite for quite a long time i guess... This one is Ultra Moisture rich Lipstick in Coral Berry. Its a soft peachy pink shade and is very moisturizing .

Its getting late and m again blank... dunno wht else to write about this shade, just take a look by yourself (^_^)... m seriously in love with is lipstick.... <3>

ME without lipstick :

Coral Berry:

ok, now am going to bed !! *yawnnn * Bbye Bbye !!!


  1. your lips look gorgeous even without lipstick!!!lucky u!

  2. thats great haul ... me too love some shopping now n then ... what the price for eyelash curler dear???

  3. cute!
    loved the lipstick
    oriflame curler has an extra pad too which is great:)
    and the eye shadow looks promising!

  4. Where did you pick up this eyeshadow? :D I am also looking for a few shades at a decent price!

  5. Great Post! You write the post very simple, easy to understand.

  6. i really wanna a get eyelash curler also love the eyeshadow's packaging and all ..suuuuper qute.....
    Oh and i am tagging u with this
    would you rather? beauty edition post

  7. Hey Deeptima..That eyeshadow sounds great. Do they have palettes as well?

  8. G.G.G i dont think they have palette...:(

  9. thnks Neha Ki and Uzma, actually m wearing the eyeshadow 2day... and its been 4 to 5 hrs already, it havn't smudged or creased ... m really happy with it..will buy more..

    i got them at a shop in Satya Niketan (opposite venkateswara college)

  10. @ RASHMI ... m really sorry for the wrong information in my previous comment.... i got confused!!!!! THE LASH CURLER IS FOR 99.. you can get it in Rs.80

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  12. The eyeshadows are super cute. :)

  13. The eye shadow looks promising.will hunt for the brand.That's what Ive been doing lately read blogs at night and hunt for the recs during the day.

  14. hey was that coral berry lipstick a limited edition???? i can't find it anywhere in the latest catalogue :(((( n i want that... pls let me know if you find it.. in place of ultra moisture rich lipstick, ultra color rich is available which doesn't have that shade.

  15. hi kirti... i dont kn if it was a limited edition... if u r in South Delhi i can arrange it for you !! <3


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