Monday, August 16, 2010

Independence day Inspired look.

Here are the pictures of the look i did last night inspired from our Indian Flag... i went a lil dramatic, as i was high in the sprite of Independence day.. hehehe Here are the pics... hope u like it...

{please excuse my bushy and unkempt eyebrows, m growing them to reshape}

Disclaimer:  the eye makeup is just inspired from the colors of our national flag. In no way am showing disrespect to my countries flag. I love my country and am proud to be an Indian. i hope it doesn't offend anyones feelings. 


  1. Lovely look Deeptima. And you won't believe it, I was so totally expecting a look on I Day from you..and only you. You did not disappoint me..Keep it up ;-)

  2. besides your fantabulously flawless makeup, what has sealed the deal are those lashes. gorgeeeoooouuuusss!

  3. outstanding, deeptima. Just outstanding.

    Rima you have no idea how much she is excited abt lashes these days. he he

  4. i loved this look n i love all ur videos.

  5. thats is just marvellous dear pls spell check i am speachless after this , me too wanted to post a look but thank god i didnt otherwise it would have been shame on me after seeing yours... hats of to u dear :) and thanks to rima for telling me:)

  6. Fantabulous Deeptima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I tell you that you are truly talented!!!! no one can beat u at eyemakeup and nail art!!! *bows down*


  7. thanks everyone.... u all made my day... seriously i wasn't expecting so much luv...hehe...

    @poornima. i had no idea tht u and Aarthi would be expecting a I day look frm me... thank u sooo sooo much... m on cloud

    @Rashmi ji . i would have loved to see ur look... i seriously love all ur tutorials...i bet ur look would have been better then mine...thnx so much...

    @HD. u totally made my day... thnx 4 all d love... i m not the best but i want to be... will never let u down... i still need to learn a lot... thnx 4 ur support..

    loads of love to Pooja, Rima,Rati and Ritu..

  8. Hi! New follower here! :) This is such an awesome look. LOVE it! =D

  9. wow!!!!!! love the look. very creative. keep up the good work. love your nail art too. check out my blog if u get time. take care.

  10. u know deeptima its bad to compare that is what i think but i am breaking my policy here , and u know what i think u r our very own INDIAN "KIM KARDASHIAN" who is famous for her looks aahh i wish any other BIG NAME would have come to my mind but i love her sooo much couldnt think of better comparison then her dear:) and no offences u r the best dear:)

  11. OMG Rashmi!!! that a reallly Bigggg compliment from you !!! m flattered... u kn wht?? i have a Kim kardashian inspired look pending... even i love her.... heheheeeee... Thank u soooo much !!!

  12. thanks dear and they were honest sweetie:) and now i am waitng for the look:) let me know ... in advance :)


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