Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Updated} MAC color ready look.

{sorry for posting an incomplete post, actually i was in a hurry and i couldn't wait to share my MAC color ready inspired look with u all,so i just uploaded the pics}
Hello everyone,
this was actually a contest entry and results will be announced on 28th...  m scared and nervous as this contest was only for people living in Singapore but i just couldn't resist.. i have a cousin in Singapore so i thought of entering, and secondly its not necessary that i win.. :P
There is so much talent everywhere. Frankly speaking this look was not at all easy for me, it took me around 90 minutes to do one eye(i actually did only one eye....hehehe)... MY LIPS looked horrible but i still sent my pictures for contest...... i googled for images and products and i was amazed to know that the actual products were shimmery but the picture looked so Matte... huh !! all edited.... but i understand it has to be really good...
the MAC products used for actual look are:
  1. Bitter
  2. White frost

Both the colors are shimmery but look Matte in pictures.
i used my all time Favorite coastal scents 88 shimmer palette, i used 2 shades of green and instead of MAC's White frost i used Oriflame's sugar Crystal mono eyeshadow.....
here are the actual pictures of the model....

and Here is my work...
Finally a picture of my horrible lips... :( Dunno y m putting it here.... but nyways here it goes..


  1. Deeps you rock and i am loving your template...:)

  2. oh my god! u r so talented! would love to create summin like this by myself and post it on my blog. its too good. kudos to u.

  3. what palette did u use for this??!
    the look is UH-MAZING!!!!!!!i have also done a MAC look..but i did a barbie for Mac look..will send it to Rati soon...

  4. are you sure you aren't the model from the poster? :D

  5. WOW!!! this is really gorgeous....

  6. AMAZING! you're super talented deeptima!

  7. all I can say...You have got the look to the last dot...great

  8. @Anamika: thnx so much !!

    @indianmakeupways: will love to see your wrk... will wait.. thnx a lot !!:)

    @Fathima: WoW Fathima... cant wait to see your look...i used CS shimmer 88 palette

    @Rima: Lol Thnks !!!

    @laksh: Thnks a lot !!

    @Rati: Thnk uuuuuuuu !!!

    @Pookhi: Thankies !!!

    @Maddy: Aww... tht's really swt !! thnx !!

  9. I can only ogle at the look and wonder how long it took.
    Looks gorgeous.

  10. OMG Deeptima. Absolutely gorgeous.. All the Best for the contest.. Im still staring at ur eyes :) Also update us on what you used on ur lips.

  11. Thnx Sonia and Aarthi...

    @Aarthi: i used red lip liner, a pink liner, and coastal scent eyeshadow in red and pink and a white liner pencil... :P

  12. Oh wow! I am seriously loving this look! you rock, girl! xoxo

  13. I knw I am visitng very late :(

    I dont know wht to say!!!!!!!! you are super duper talented deeptima...I wud love to meet you someday and see you in action doing makeup live :)

    I showed my mom your pics and she said u look ekdum like karishma kapoor :)


  14. Wow! I love it!!! Great post!

    xoxo from Romania! ^.^

  15. thnx HD ... hope we could meet soon... :)

    Thnx Alexandra...

  16. wow deeps u r amazing :)
    i was talking to CZ about u only ...
    u r just toooooo talented dear:)
    any plans for makeup lessons ???
    count me dear:)

  17. hehehe... thnx Rashmi... u know more then me... and CZ is professional... i need to learn from you guys !! ^_^


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