Friday, September 10, 2010

Makeup Fun !!

Hey everyone,
Few days back me and my brother were playing with my makeup stuff and i asked him if he was interested in doing my eyes, as expected he refused... :( , but then some how i managed to change his mind, i told him its like painting, you can do what ever you want to, i will not interrupt in between... blah blah... hehehe i was a little scared regarding how he'll handle my palette but he broke nothing !! Thank God !! Seriously it was so much fun, i decided that i'll give my elder sister a makeover will post it asa i do it...

so, here the first look.... initially the look was really pretty with purple and blue but then he mixed n number of eyeshadows and messed up everything... hehehe

oh... actually he did the liner and kajal... not bad for a boy... hehehe... i just cleaned the outer wing...

ok, here is the second look, i seriously like it and i'l will recreate this look properly... i fell in love with the green he are the pics.

So, hope u like both the looks did by my personal MUA... lolzz

see ya soon...


  1. LOL!!!! i thought it was done by see i have a habit of looking at photos before reading the matter..and i was gonna ask you to do the tutorial for the green one..i absolutely love..tell your bro that he is gooooooood!

  2. wow!!! can't believe this is done by yur brother...talent runs in yur family..:)

  3. @Fathima: Same pinch !! even i look at the pictures before reading....hehehe... i kept telling him to be gentle with my eyeshadows !! good u liked it !!

    @Anamika: hehehe..thnx

  4. i knw it runs in ur blood :)

  5. WOW!!

    Your brother needs a double pat on his back girl..Good talent for a boy :-)

  6. That proves it!, must be genetics. Another thing I can blame my parents for, "sucking at makeup application".....LOL!!!

    Very pretty look btw, especially the green one, goes well with ur eye color.....

  7. @Rima: yes, he did it !!

    @HD: thnx HD

    @Thnx Poornima... he already on colud nine... but m sad u dint call me when u were in Delhi !! huh !! :P

    @laksh: lolzzz... even i was shocked at the end result... he really did well being a boy... but my Mom is least interested in makeup and even by Sis is not good at it !! :P

  8. Haha...he did an awesome job!! The green one really is gorgeous. Cheers to yr bro :)



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