Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Gothic Smokey Look (with Video tutorial)!!

Hey everyone,
Sorry for lack of posts, i was down with fever, cold, body ache and what not... huh !! leave it... sigh !!! but, now am ab-so-fantastically fine... :P..... today i found one of my lost memory card and it had the pictures of the Gothic smokey look i did for a friend. If u have visited my Youtube channel before you might have seen the video for the look, as i recently started blogging i thought of putting the video here also for all those how follow me here.... my features and eyebrows are very Indian so getting the gothic/Emo look was not that easy... i tried to show "How to" do the gothic/emo/scene look.
personally i cant carry off such bold, intense eye makeup but Looove Smokey look and can wear it everyday... :P
here's the look

Here the Video

i hope you guys like the look, do leave your valuable comments down below and subscribe to my Youtube channel and join my blog Facebook Page. You can also add me as a friend on Facebook(click here for my personal profile).
till then Take Care, Te amo !!! <3


  1. wow deeptima.....FANTASTIC! absolutely stunning! really like this look and thanks for the tutorial too. i might try a slightly less in ur face look for everyday look. anyway thanks for the post :)

  2. wow...dats wonderfull...gud job girl...

  3. super look deeptima...I can never ever try this on myself

  4. i love this look sooo much n i once wore this this look to my colg fest with black clothes... my frnds luvd it...i will love to wear this look daily but u knw hw ppl stare whn u r in metro... your tutorial helped me more for superdefining that look... :)

  5. love the look! you made it so simple!
    btw which blush & gloss are you wearing??

  6. @indianmakeupways: Thnks !! i know its not easy to carry off... but it was requested by my frnd... <3

    @Anonymous: thnx !!

    @HD: thnx for stopping by !!

    @Kirti: i kn Kriti.... its so ridiculous when ppl stare like that.... eeeee... m happy u liked it !!!

    @Anshita: i used coastal scents blush and gloss(nude)...

  7. I love this look! U look so pretty in the first pic


  8. I loved the look, Deeptima. Guess you must do more smokey eyes. They suit you. :)

  9. @Cynthia : thnx so much for visiting my blog ... :)

  10. @Rati : thnx Rati... i usually do soft smokey eye when m in a hurry !! will make few vid soon..

  11. Love this look, the first pic is amazing..

  12. Great look for a nite out! I ll stay tuned to ur new posts :) xoxo


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