Saturday, October 16, 2010

Abstract Floral Nail Art - Short Nails


Firstly i want to thank each and everyone out there you wished me good health and showed me love and care when i was not keeping well.

it really means a lot to me !! Thank You soo much !! <3 <3 Recently i trimmed my nails.... not liking short nails so i decided to glam up my nails.. and here is what i did ....

If you like the design and want to know how i did it... watch the following tutorial...
hope u like it !!

take care...

Cya !


  1. Hi Deeptima..dont usually comment here..loved your nail art pics..and the ones you post on IMBB too :) :) though I haven't got around to watching the video yet :-( And yayy you are okay now :D

  2. thank god you did this video..i broke my middle nail and had to cut all my nails super short...and they are just growing out is almost the same length as urs!!!

  3. veryyy prettyy...
    which is dat visions nail paint u used ?
    is it silver pink ?

  4. heyy glad to see u back!!! and ur nails look lovely!!!

  5. hey good you are back again with a bang, i loved the nail art you did, it looks fab...and take care, and dont over exert ;)

  6. @ Rads: Thanks ...hehehe...

    @Fathima: m happy u liked it !!

    @Bhumika: Thnkx Bhumika.... the Shade is Night Sky...

    @HD: Thnks !! <3

    @BeautyDiva: Thank you !! <3

    @Rentu: Thnks a lot... i will take care... hate being ill... :(

  7. wow dear..back wid a bang done..

  8. You make eerything look so easy!, and your nails look gr8 :)

  9. Just gorgeous.Will definitely try :-D

  10. *Boooowssss*

    You are the nail art goddess.. *bows bows*

    Your application is very neat.

  11. @butterfly: m happy u like it !!

    @ Laksh: thnk u !! ^_^

    @Sharon: please share how it turned out !

    @Aarthi: thnk u !! hw r u ??

    @Rati: OMG !! don't say tht ... m still learning !! thanks a lottt !!

  12. Lovely video... Am gonna try this out..

  13. I Tried This Desighn And it Comes Out Very Nice


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