Thursday, October 21, 2010

Basic purple Smokey look- Tutorial

This look was pending from very long time, as I was very irregular in posting videos on my youtube channel . So, here is my tutorial and I hope u like it… m really sorry for the long video, I deleted some useless parts but still the vid is long… Sigh !!!

Here the pictures of the finished look and list of products that I used.

Here the pictures of the finished look and list of products that I used.

For eyes:

• Professional kohl liner pencil in black – Avon

• 88 palette eyeshadows

• Incolor professional eyeshadow in black

• Lash curler - Oriflame

• Freaking Amazing Mascara – Oriflame

• VLCC kohl liner


• Vega eyeshadow brush

• Oriflame fluffy brush

• Oriflame angled liner brush

• Vega sponge tip brush

• Sigma big Fluff E50 (for highlight)

For lips:

• Very you lipstick by Oriflame – Fascinating

• Coastal scents Smacks (gloss) – Nude

if u want to see how i did the look go to my youtube channel or go to !!! :)

Hope i lik it !!!

love ya !! <3


  1. oh u made a tut??? love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Fathima.... its not tht lancome fall look... this is different look.... thnx !!

  3. Lovely!! I soo like the lippie.Good one :)

  4. @ Cynthia : thnx soo much !! luv u !

    @Simi : Thnx !! tht lippie is my fav...

  5. hey...lovely look Deeptima...will watch the video at home...cant watch in ofc rite now :)

  6. This is gorgeous :) love the look ^ ^

  7. I finally finally saw the really are amazing..its soooo beautiful your eye makeup...I want a purple eyeshadow :D :D Oh and I loved your Konkana Sen inspired makeup too..left the comment earlier but don't think it got published :)

  8. wow , its so nice... lovely colors, looking preety on you. xoxo

  9. Amazing D! Your eyes look superb in purple :D

  10. Stunning..i so love your eye looks deeptima!. Keep doing em !

  11. loved it all ur tuts...n ur eyes r awesum..

  12. Thank you HD, Sara, Radhika, Beautydiva, Tanveer, Mehak and Bhumika !!

    m happy u liked it !! thanks for supporting me <3

  13. wow!wow!WOW! as usual stunning! ur eyes are sooooooo pretty. loveeeeee the look!!!!!

  14. wow ya looks rly rly awesome..m checkin out the vid

  15. Hi Deeptima,

    I have a small request.
    I have seen "Tightlining" done on many channels and all over the blogs.But no one explains it well and how to go about it.
    Can you pls do a tut on it.


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