Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - Snow White Evil Queen look

Hi Friends,
as many of u might have already seen my Snow White Evil Queen's look on FB i decided to post on blog as well... it dint turn out that great but i enjoyed doing it a lot... M looking all CrAzY , InSaNe, ReTaRdEd... hehehe

here's the look...

 My crown

 I made the mask out of an old black leggings.. :P

Please leave your Honest opinions !!

cya <3


  1. Wow deeptima..this is amazing....yr so talented dude..i wish i could do things as creative as this...

  2. wow ..unbelievable. U are gifted :)

  3. hey love it! u r sooooooo good yaar. amazing job!

  4. this is great, awesome job! :)

  5. Thanks a ton Simi, indianmakeupways, Aarthi and Trinity ...

  6. thats amazing. love the creativity! i hope u got to wear this look at a party or something. so different from the usual witch devil etc, specially in India


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