Monday, October 11, 2010

Kim' 500 Followers Contest

Hi Guys,
i promise i'll start posting soon.... have few interesting posts lined up... but this post is about an awesome possum Contest. M really excited about this contest... the best contest i have seen in few months !!
 Here are the prizes...  

Amazing !! Right ???

ok, so as per the rules i have to answer two questions.. here they are..
1. What is your favorite brand of make-up and why?
   I don't wear makeup on regular basis so don't have a huge haul, i love my coastal scent 88 palette and Creative me palette.... for other products i trust Oriflame and i love the quality of most of there products.

2. So, because it is fall and it's all about the lips- What are your top 5 favorite lipstick(any brand)- NOTE: I need some recommendations :)
 As i mentioned earlier i mainly use Oriflame and Avon Lipsticks... but currently loving Mayebelline Color sensational lipsticks...
My FAV are:
  • Maybelline color sensational lipstick in pink petal
  • Oriflame Antique Silk
  • Oriflame Smokey collection Nude lipstick
  • color attraction Baby beige
  • Avon Simply pretty Mystic Beige.

 Congrats Kim !!

take care guys see u soon....

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