Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Handmade Rings.. ^_^

I am a huge fan of DIY stuff and love all forms of art and creativity, before realizing my love for makeup i was in love with something else... making beaded and wire jewelry that too out of used wire and  broken parts of old jewelry... :P then i started making stitched beaded ring and antique earing .... but soon everything stopped as all my material got over and i was not able to find required stuff near by...
I am planning to start everything again when i saw my rings sad and dull... they need new so i thought of share pictures of my rings which i made in around Nov 2008... :P

This was my 1st ring .....

 Sorry my hands look creepy.... super duper dry and old... :(

the big pink bead on top was actually a part of my old broken bracelet....:P 

Then i made this orange flower ring... this flower was a part of a small jewelry box but it came out so i  made a ring out of it... hehehe...
Some Random rings....

This one is my fav !! love it !! it has a real pink swarovski crystal...  
just a normal see through bead and seed beads

this one is completely out of crap... the purple flat bead was stuck on a card...i am lame 

but i like this design...

i like this one also.... Cluster beaded ring !!

Cluster beaded ring 

This ring was actually  a challenge... my BF gave me this yellowish stone and told me to make a ring out of it !! huh !! see i did it !!! hahaha

Simple Plan Stitch bead ring.. reminds me of  a snake... hisssssss !! lolzz 

That's it!!! i hope u like it !!!
till next time, love ya cya !!!


  1. Wowwwwwww they are gorgeous!!! I really adore the second one and the one with a pink crystal...Thanx for sharing Deeptima!

  2. Thank u soo much Rakhshanda !!!<3

  3. oh wow...dey are all so beautiful...n its sucha grt idea to use old chunky jewellery...vl try making dem too....lov n hugs...

  4. I LOVE THESE!!!! I honestly can't choose which one I like best. All are unique. But the pink swarovski one is truly gorgeous.

    I had a pendant just like the flower in your 3rd ring :) But I used different coloured beads.

  5. u made all these??????? gal i would love to buy all of 'em from u!!! plz post some tutorials as to how to do it....pretty please?????????

  6. They are all sooo pretty...I think I like the cluster bead ones the are wowww talented :) :) :) :)

  7. these are really awesome Deeptima!! I used to make bracelets w beads n wire back in college...these reminded me of those days :)

  8. hi dear.. super talented u are.. i loved the last 1 n the swarovski one...

  9. All of them are so lovely. I can't decide which one I like best.

  10. very very creative..i so liked the swarovski :)

  11. I can't believe these are hand made! Whoa! Girl you really have some skills. Awesome!! Awesome :)

  12. hey lovely, they all look great

  13. U are so creative:)
    Just cant believe the first ring u made looks so awesome.Dats my fav <3

  14. @Angles never lie : thank u soo much !! hope u see ur creation soon...

    @Poohkie: tnx !!

    @Indianmakeupways : thnx a lot !! wil do a tute as soon as i get some stuff...

    @Rads: hehehe... thank u !

    @HD : can u share some of your work with us... hope to learn something from you !!!

    @Butterfly: thnkx !! :)

    @Ladylavendersays: Aww thnx soo much !!!

    @Anamika: Thnx !! thts my fav too..

    @Sara : Thanks a ton !!

    @Rentu : happy u liked them !

    @Sharon : thnx Sharon... and thnx for joining me on FB !!

  15. cool ring collection... i love them all :)

  16. OMG!!!!!you made all of them??? Unbelievable!! ..They are so so sooooooooooooooo pretty!! ...Any idea of keeping them on sale? :P :P

  17. OMG!!! You getting an order for making earrings for me. :P :P :P

    These are Beaaauuuutttiifooolll!!! :D

  18. You are really very talented and that too with variety of talents..I think you should start an online store with your DIY stuffs.

    Also can you do videos for these beautiful rings...

  19. loved dem !!
    so pretty.....
    u r multi talented gal...

  20. wow this are gorgeous, love all of them <3

    xoxo Christine

  21. @beautydiva : Thank u !!

    @Calicoaster : m soo happy tht u like them... i thought of putting some rings on sale but not these as these are lil imperfect.... will make few proper rings and then may be put them for sale..
    Thank u!!

    @Rati: hehehe... thank u !!

    @Maddy : i had this in mind from a very long time...but dunno how to start... thnx !!

    @Bhumika : thank u sooooo much !! <3

  22. Why in the world did u stop making them??!! Ur really good girl! I can't believe those are handmade :O

    Make a bow ring. I'll buy :D


  23. hey Cynthia... thanks soo much !! will start making them again... i dnt sell them but will definitely try to make a bow ring for u !! :)


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