Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOTD - Fall inspired Nail Art with slideshow tutorial.

Hi everyone,
i badly wanted to do something with gold, abstract and random line, so i sat down with my golden nail polish and black and white striper pens, the design which was initially in my mind was totally different from the finished look... haha...
It always happens with me i can never do what i plan, but frankly speaking  i liked how this nail art turned out, simple and pretty !!

Free hand strokes are really easy as compared to precise and detailed lines, curves and patterns. Earlier my nail art used to get very messy, and looked like i got my nails done by a nursery kid ... sigh !! My brother kept criticizing me .... knowing the fact that he is correct and i knew for myself that the design was not proper i used to explain him give me time i'l improve but u know how younger brothers are.... he would repeat same thing over and over again and we use to end up fighting... Grrrr....

But am really happy that my Best Friend and my Brother never appreciated me for something that was not good enough. They helped me to improve a lot. Now seeing their reactions when i do something good is priceless. I usually consult them before putting up something here...
Who says Boys have No Makeup Sense ?? huh !!! LOlz...

So here is my NOTD,
To know how i did it, i have attached the video at the end... hope u like it !!
 Buh bye !!




  1. hey this looks easy! thanks for the video. will try this

  2. Wowww it's lovely Deeptima!!!
    Hey I'm following you.

  3. hey this looks lovely Deeptima :) u always make it look sooo easy-peasy

  4. pretty pretty, this is the only word that comes to my mind, when i see ur post

  5. @indianmakeupways: its super easy... do share with us once u try...

    @Rakhshanda: thnx !! m already following u : P

    @HD : hehe..thanks so much HD

    @Rentu: Awww... thnks sooo sooo much !!

  6. this looks rly nice n easy keep it up dear..


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