Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog MAKEOVER !!! Like or Hate ???

My blog got a makeover.... yeyyy !!
i love pink, purple and plums.... What you have to say about the CHANGES !!! Do you like it ???

If there is anything that you dint like or you find annoying or if you are finding it hard to read text just let me know!!

Will start posting tutorials as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay !!!
Love u all and thanks for being patient !!


  1. Love the colour of the blog but I must say that It is quite distracting as it is a strong colour. The rest seems quite cool. I like it. Maybe a lighter purple would be nicer...Just a suggestion. At the end of the day, you must be happy with your blog as you spend more time on it then the readers... Trust me, I know, done that, been there! hahahaha!

    I have still not responded to your award yet... Life is just too busy now.. Please pardon me on that. Take care dear.

  2. Thnks for the honest review... even i thought that purple is very loud.. but i dint find my template with light purple... :(.... Still learning !! according to me readers opinion matters a lot coz what ever i post i post for them... will work on it soon... Thnx again

    Dnt wry abt the award... i can understand...
    Love ya..

  3. I agree with Uma there. A little lighter would be better :). But I like the layout!


  4. I too love purples & plums, but I agree with Uma & Cynthia. The shade of purple/plum is too loud and sorta distracting. Make it a little lighter & it'll look great. Also, the blog archives, blogs i like & recent comments are not visible because they are in a black font. Maybe white font or a lighter colour would be better?

    Great that you're doing a blog makeover. I'm trying to do the same thing, but not able to decide on anything :P

  5. I loved the dark purple background actually.Maybe u could make the central text background white for contrast and to draw the eye there?? Just my opinion tho

  6. Thumbs up for the Blog MakeOver!!! Kisses

  7. Thnks soo much Cynthia, Poohkie, Sharon and Diana.... working on the suggestions !! thnx soo much !!

  8. Its, cute Deeptima. It's fun, colourful and pretty. :) And I loved the little bee on the left.

    I knew you had to go with purple only. :D :D

  9. Love the colour! Could you stretch the header image a bit? imo that'd look nice......

    btw, were you at select citywalk on sat evening?

  10. i liked the bee, and the pussy the most

  11. Thnx Rati Di , Anks and Rentu...

    @Anks: will try to stretch it !! :)

    @Rentu : u mean the hello kitty ??


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