Thursday, November 25, 2010

Requested - Kareena Kapoor inspired look with video tutorial

Hi Friends,
i know i have not made any new video on youtube from a long time, sorry for the delay and lack of posts. So, to start again i decided to do the request that was pending from a long time. One of my Facebook friend requested a Kareena Kapoor inspired look tutorial. The look is very simple and wearable, she is not having much of colour on her lids, but she has quite a good amount of bronzer on her cheeks, no liner, just tightlined her eyes and kohl liner in waterline that too slightly winged at the outer corner.

For this look i brought a new In-Color Bronzer, and i am pretty happy with it, i wasn't expecting it to be that pigmented but its pretty good, i even brought a In-Color Silver Glitter Liner... i think i have started liking this brand.Will review it soon for you !!

So, lets get back to the topic.. :p
here is the inspiration picture that Ritu sent me..

I have done little modifications as per my features and face, my bronzer is not looking pigmented as it was raining and cloudy here when i was clicking pictures.So, here is my take..

If paired with jewelry this look can also be worn at parties and functions.

Here are the products that i used... for face i used

Avon Personal match liquid foundation in Nude
Oriflame Vision Silky pressed powder in Light Shade

Sigma Duo Fiber F-50
Sigma Buffer Brush  F-45

 For Eyes

Oumeidie eyeshadow in shade 4
Oriflame Mono eyeshadow in Sugar Crystal
Oriflame Lash Booster (conditioner)
VLCC kohl Liner


Sigma Tapered blending E-40
Sigma Big Fluff E-50

In- Color glimmer blusher
Oriflame Angled contour blush brush

Nut brown lipstick by Vision Oriflame
Brownish bronze lipgloss (can remember name)

This is all that i used....

hopefully am not missing out anything.

 I hope you like my take on Kareena's look. Go to my youtube channel to watch the video or CLICK HERE to go the video.

Till next time Take care and pamper yourself.. :P

love ya !!!


  1. hi dear...lookin rly too wana buy few incolor prods..from whr sud i get em??

  2. hey.all i can say is ya.this look suiting u.u looking beautiful.b/w i liked the new look of ur blog.thx


  3. Wow! You look like Kareena herself girl. U could be sisters! :)


  4. Pretty as always ! I love how you use affordable makeup and create these looks...

  5. wow! u look stunning and kareena and u have the same type of complexion!!! me jealous :D. thanks for the tutorial too all ur more

  6. you have done complete justice to kareena's look, i love the way you did it...thanks yaa

  7. I loved the final outcome Deeptima. WIll watch the video during the day. :*

    This palette looks like a copy of urban decay naked palette. Not the shades exactly but the design. :P

    Butterfly, if you go to GK-1 market , it's avaiable there at most cosmetic shops. :)

  8. Hey...Deeptima...looking Gorgeous.... & a special admiration to the Hazel eyes' looks... good work... Aniruddh

  9. SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY !! :( AND THANK "RATU" DI for replying to Butterfly...

    @Butterfly : thanks soo much for complimenting... i have seen In-Color products only in one shop in Satya Niketan and as Rati said u can find them in GK.

    @Ritu: m soo happy u liked it !!

    @Cynthia : awww.. thnx so much.. but i dnt like her.. :P

    @Mehak : thnx for appreciating !! :)

    @Anju : So happy after reading your comment... pakka will post more.. <3

    @Rentu : tht's really swt of you...thnx !!

    @Rati : ur opinion matters a lot di... thnx !! <3

    @Aniruddh : thnx !!

  10. Hi there!! nice tutorial! Exotic and sexy, I always love kajal pencils in the waterline... Here is my blog for whenever you feeling like stoppin' by!Dont forget to join the prizegiveaway contest!Love from Greece!!!

  11. very prettyyyy...
    even i dont like kareena :p
    bt i likeeee uuuu....:)

  12. Loved the look. You look really pretty.

    And, passed on a blog award to you. Do check it out.

  13. hi! Love the look. You look gorgeous. I'm following you :)

  14. hello, could u give me some feedback on the oriflame lash booster?

    i intend to use it to make my lashes longer, can it do that?

  15. Well nose is same but your ear,lips and eyes are more beautiful then her :)


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