Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Boots and NEW MEMBER ON BLOG !!

I simply LOVE Boots, specially ankle boots, i have being wanting to buy a good pair of boots since last winters but some how never found any... Yesterday after class me and my friend went to a near by shop to buy footwear, there i saw some lovely UGGs and Ankle Boots which can be transformed into medium length boots... isn't that great ?? the shop is not that big but they have the latest and most stylish trendy footwears.... they have lotsa designs and colours to choose from ... the best thing is that there stuff is as per the latest college trend as the shop is on the opposite lane to Venky College, Satya Niketan ..
Actually, earlier this shop basically had mostly mens wear but am glad they are adding footwear for girls.. yeyy !

So without boring you more lemme show you my new love <3... Drum rolling..... tada......

Love the heart shaped buckle ... Cute <3
 grey one !!

Cute Buckle..

After unfolding...
 Its comes in 4 shades...

I was wearing shoes so i asked my friend Muculica to try them ... and she was looking fab in those brown boots and skinny jeans..

 Mucu was not comfortable with heels so we asked for something without heels, that can be worn for classes and for every purpose.
This is what we liked...

they had a fourth design which i forgot to click and those had 2 inch heel.... i entered the shop with excitement but stepped out confused.. :P i haven't purchased any of them yet as i was totally confused...

PRICE :  The ones with heels are priced around Rs 2000 and the flat one are around Rs 1400 -1500.

The Shopkeeper claimed that the prices he has offered are the lowest in the market. So, if anyone of you have purchased something  like this for less money or if you find any cute boots in the market please please lemme know, m planning to check out Forever21 as they also have cute boots...

Which one did u like most?? 

ANNOUNCEMENT : My friend Muculica is officially joining my blog and she will be sharing her fashion and accessory  styling tips with us.
You will also see her modeling in some posts !! YEYY !!

Please help me choose the right boots !!

Deeptima <3


  1. get everything! Lol.they all look great.but the one with the heels are the most tempting!and hey thanks for liking my blog header :)

  2. Which shoe is this? Kal hi jaake dekhoongi :P

  3. hi dear, loved the blue one and are rly affordable..can you plzz tell me the shop's name plzz

  4. So fab! I love the grey ones


  5. Blue and grey ones are fabulous....grab them all...lol... :D

  6. I loved the second one..SO FABB...yeah me too want to know the shop's name. he he

  7. m so happy that u all liked it... will put the address in my next post !! love ya !!!

  8. hey wow...i am going to buy without heels...cuz my husband is of same height,,,but i loved these shoes..i cant come so far..but would try these near by here.....great post

  9. hey thanks alot deeeptima m so glad to b a part of itt :)thank you so much :)

  10. Hi there,

    The UGGs you mentioned, are you talking about the Classic Tall UGG boots?

    Anyway, I think I would go with the boots without heels because I'm not sure if heels would provide enough traction.

    But then again it depends on what you are going to be using them for in the winter.

    If you are going to be walking through lots of snow and wet conditions then the heels might not be a good choice.


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